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West-Flamish Mythology Run

-- invite your favourite West-Flemish person --

Run - 2027

Hare - Neptunus

When - Sunday 23 December, 1400 hrs

Why -

Where -

HowToGetThere - Rent an OV-Fiets for €3.85 at the train station and cycle xx km (about xx minutes).


We have moved to winter schedule and your friendly neighbourhood Hare Raiser has been pestering you to set a run. Be pro-active and offer your services for the last two runs of the year !

Dutch Nash Hash is barely over, but DNH2019 is already open for registration.

Special Events

  • Amsterdam Lights Festival Run With ErwtenSoep - There has been such a run for the last couple years, there will most likely be one this year as well.
  • Robbert Burns Run & Supper With Haggis, Neeps And Tatties. on the Sunday 27th January. RabC is our host and he needs all the help he can get.
  • ????? The annual WinterBierFestival 2019-run in Gouda will take place on Sunday, January 20th. ?????
  • Carnaval Hash Weekend - Yes, the Tilburg Hash House Harriers are doing it again. Joining forces with The Hague H3 and Amsterdam H3. Just The Tip and Pink Panter are haring and cooking food. Saturday 2 March 2019 - Run - Food - Carnaval - Take the last train home or join the PyjamaParty + Breakfast + RPHT(ReverseParadeHangoverTrail)
  • The infamous KingsDayRun, on April 27th

European Events

January 18-20, 2018 - AGPU by the Yorkshire H3 - North Yorkshire, UK.

March 15-17, 2019 - Ides of March by the Rome H3 - Rome, Italy.

May 3-5, 2019 - Irish Nash Hash by the Dublin H3 in Dublin, Ireland.

Mar 22-24, 2019 - SkiHash by the Oslo H3 - Sjusjøen, Norway.

May 17-19, 2019 - 30th Anniversary Hash by Mijas - Southern Spain

May 17-19, 2019 - InterScandi by the Vasteras H3 - Hallstahammar, Sweden.

May 24-26, 2019 - 2345th Trail by the Bicester H3 - Bicester, UK.

May 31 - Jun 2, 2019 - 2000th Run Weekend - by the Edinburgh H3 - Edinburgh, Scotland.

June 14-16, 2019 - 7th Anniversary by the Manchester H3 - Oldham, UK.

June 15-22, 2019 - 8th Dalmatian Hash Cruise Hosted by the Dalmatian H3 - sailing from Split, Bosnia.

August 9-10-11, 2019 - Dutch Nash Hash 2019, prelube to EuroHash2019 - Formerly Known as Neptunus Weekend - Baarlo, Netherlands

August 16-17-18, 2019 - EuroHash2019 - Scotland somewhere

Aug 23-26 - UK NashHash by the Caledonia H3 - Scotland somewhere

August 30 - September 1, 2019 - Swiss Nash Hash by the Zurich H3 - Vordemwald, Switzerland.

Coming Up


Run - 2028

Hare - Lord BromFiets

When - Sunday 30 December, 1400 hrs

Why - So we can go to Sherlock Holmes

Where - Hubertus Viaduct

Friendly suggestion - Rent an OV-Fiets for €3.85 at the train station and cycle 2 km (about 9 minutes).

Receiding HareLine

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Runs we did earlier this year

X-mas Gala Dinner and AGM

Saturday 15th, more info here

On The Day After The Night Before - A Very Special X-mas Recovery Run

Run - 2026

Hare - PlayTex and PinkPanter are haring on behalf of New Mismanagement

When - Sunday 16 December, 1400 hrs

Why - So we can recover from all mischief shenanigans in our current and past lives and recharge for a new year. That will all happen after the run at Café Hollandaise.

Where - De Savornin Lohmanplein

Friendly suggestion - Rent an OV-fiets at the train station for €3.85 and cycle 7 km=30 minutes. On the other hand, tram 3 takes only 21 minutes.

Biggles Takes Us To Great Heights

Run - 2025

Hare - Double Whopper ≠ Biggles

When - Sunday 9 December, 1400 hrs

Why - So we can go to The Halve Maan afterwards

Where - Parking Lage Kleiweg - opposite Event Plaza

Friendly suggestion - It is a 1 km walk from Rijswijk train station, or rent an ov-fiets for €3.85 and cycle a few minutes

Don't Be A Pecker

- Shake It Momma !

Run - 2024

Hare - BumBoy/BiggusDickus and PeckerShaker

When - Sunday 2 December, 1400 hrs

Why - All will be revealed there and then, but it will involve bitterballen and patat for sure and perhaps mayo instead of frietsaus if we are lucky.

Where - BB/BD's home - Endezant 16 - Rijswijk

Friendly suggestion - Rent an OV-Fiets for €3.85 at the Rijswijk Train Station and cycle 2 km (about 9 minutes).

This Is A Run - But If You Can't Run, You Walk - And If You Can't Walk, You Crawl To The Bar

Run - 2023

Hare - Crawl To The Bar

When - Sunday 25 November, 1400 hrs

Why - TBA

Where - Intersection Oosteinde / Rozenboomlaan, Voorburg. Run starts at the entrance to the park.

Friendly suggestion - Rent an OV-Fiets for €3.85 at the train station and cycle 4 km (about 15 minutes).

Anal Hash Giving Special

Joint Run With Amsterdam

Run - 2022

Hare - Do Me Moore and Joe Dirt and Opee

When - Sunday 18 November, 1400 hrs

Here For More Details And To Let The Hares Know You're Coming And Want Food. Also Find Out Who Else Said Yes And How To Get There And To Learn That You Are Supposed To Bring Some Booze.

Tired Of Cheese?

Run - 2021

Hare - The Cheesy Couple

When - Sunday 11 November, 1400 h

Why - Please, can anyone tell us why? Please, pretty please?

Where - Wassenaarseweg & Raamweg Intersection

How To Get There - Friendly suggestion - Rent an OV-fiets at the train station for €3.85 and cycle 1.5 km, which would take you about 5 minutes

Sweet Sixty BirthDay Bash

Run - 2020

Hare - XL & WebFucker

When - Sunday 4 November, 1400 hrs

Why - So we can go to Brewery Kompaan afterwards

Where - Station Voorburg

Halloween WednesDay Special

Run - 2019

Hare - Logover & Playtex

When - Wednesday 31 October, 1900 hrs

Where - The Playground At Ary Van Der Spuyweg

NOT at the cemetery!!!

Why - So we can go to Sherlock Holmes afterwards

Good To Know - Lord Bromfiets informed us today that the playground is a much better location than the one that was originally announced, as there is a grumpy neighbour at the cemetery who had informed the police about us several times in the past. On the other hand, this is Halloween. A run like this is supposed to have a scary neighbour involved.

Access by car or public transport : Scheveningseweg is totally messed up due to renewal of the tram tracks. Tram 1 doesn't go there any more, temporarily accessible by bus 61

Full details on

How To Get There - Friendly suggestion - Rent an OV-fiets at the train station for €3.85 and cycle 3.5 km, which would take you about 15 minutes

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