Hadron is an old-school heavy metal quartet from Odense, Denmark. With slow doomy elements and uncompromised groovy riffs, they will throw you, relentlessly, back to the 70s and the birth of heavy metal.

Hadron released their first demo in 2016 and since then, the band has produced two highly acclaimed full length albums and played more than 50 shows.

If you love bands like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Budgie and Trouble you will definitely love the old school feeling of Hadron.

Martin Schjoldager


Martin Twistmann


Anders Lorentzen


Thomas Pedersen



Evil Lady (2020)

Overall, this is good record. The production is just a little rough, but it sounds intentional, like they wanted the songs to sound authentic to the era. HADRON do their influences proud, whether that is BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, or BUDGIE. And you know they do a good job of honoring their heroes if you can hear the direct influence in the music. As they say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Well done HADRON!

Metal-Temple.com, Kevin Lewis, 24 November 2020

Hadron (2019)

Any fan of doom metal has to check Hadron out after reading this (they also have a live recording of this debut studio album available and a high quality demo). This is the total package: epic doom with intense riffs, excellent guitar leads with a great tone, and incredible straining vocals. Pedersen gives it his all. He pushes his own limits – but, man, it works. This may be the biggest surprise release to fly under the radar this year.


Papa Paul’s Groovy Reviews! Doomed and Stooned, Aug. 13 2019

Live at Noselake Metal Festival (2018)

Hadron Demo (2016)

Highlighted Events

Metal Magic 2021

Nocturne festival (DK) (2019)

Noselake Metal Festival (SE) (2018)

Wacken Metal Battle (DK) (2018)

Contact information: info@hadron.dk