Independent Living Support for adults

At HAD we work with a range of adults with disabilities to promote their independence, through a range of different groups, projects, and activities. Some of our services are listed below. We are always changing and adapting to the needs of our service users and Harrow, so we welcome any thoughts, and ideas you may have about our services.

We support people with disabilities to prepare, seek, and maintain employment or training.

Volunteer for Change

We can support adults with seeking and maintaining volunteering either within HAD or with external agencies

Changes Nightclub

Changes is an integrated night club which invites people with and without disabilities to socialize. Click here for more information.

RedBrick Cafe

We offer placements for people with learning disabilities to develop their skills, through working within the cafe and a range of classes.


A group where adults who are on the autistic spectrum are able to socialize and learn a range of skills. Click here for more information.

Outings and trips

We go on trips regularly to various locations and engage in a range of activities from museums to having picnics, and going to the beach.

If you would like any more information about the services and activities we provide please contact Umesh at