Gight Wildlife

Some of the photographs displayed below were taken by one of our junior members Matthew Wallace on his fishing trips to the Gight beat

Gight Badgers

Gight 3 Peregrine Chicks

Gight Doe

Gight Lizard

Gight Dipper

Gight Pine Martin

Red Fox

Gight Mallard ducks

Gight Otter

Gight Buzzard Chick

Gight Robin

Gight Hedgehog

Gight Sparrowhawk

Gight Slow Worm

Gight Red Squirrel

Gight Spotted Woodpecker

Gight Heron

Gight Greenfinch

Gight Blue Tit

Gight Pheasant

Gight Grouse

Gight Chaffinch

Gight Stoat

Gight Yellowhammer