the visual data mining platform mitoXplorer

We have developed the MitoXplorer platform, an interactive, visual data mining platform to integrate large-scale expression and mutation data with the mitochondrial interactome and mitochondrial processes.

The manually curated, mitochondrial interactome is at the heart of mitoXplorer, which contains all proteins that have mitochondrial function, irrespective of their genomic localization (mitochondrial or nuclear gnome). We integrate the mito-interactome with -omics data from large public repositories, such as TAGC or with data from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO). Using specialized pipelines for NGS-data analysis, we extract mutation and expression data for all mito-proteins. mitoXplorer offers then a set of powerful, highly interactive analysis and visualization tools to explore the dynamics of mito-associated expression changes and mutations in a variety of data sets from different experimental or disease conditions. This enables us to rapidly and visually compare a large variety of -omics data-sets with respect to their mitochondrial expression and mutation dynamics.

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mitoXplorer is now published in NAR!

the mitoXplorer visual data mining platform integrates a manually curated mitochondrial interactome with publicly available or user-provided expression and mutation data. A set of highly interactive analysis and visualization methods is provided for data discovery.

This project was supported by DFG grant ‘Systems biological analysis of cancer genomes using deductive databases’ and the ANR grant ‘MITO-DYNAMICS’, the Max Planck Society and the CNRS.

Related to mitoXplorer is our ANR grant MITO-DYNAMICS. Check out the MITO-DYNAMICS web-page we have created.