Syllabus: HA111-03 & 09 | Themes in Art and Culture



Because I had to cancel our last class, I made a couple changes to lighten the midterm:

While most midterms include both a compare & contrast essay and a thematic essay, this midterm will only include a compare and contrast essay.

Midterm will include Ch 14, 20, 21, 22 through Venice (Mannerism: read only, not on exam). This is reflected on the image list: green highlights are included on the midterm, crossed out are not.

Ch 22 Video Lecture: Venice is on the youtube playlist

Please Read Ch 23 for class, but it will not be on this exam

I will be available via gchat and google hangouts tomorrow between 1 - 6 PM. Feel free to reach out with any content questions (e.g. to clarify themes or get more context on a particular artwork) 👍🏽

Before you email re: technical questions (e.g. midterm format)

  • Check the syllabus
  • Check the website (including resources and lecture pages)
  • Check and/or post on the message board above (and answer questions :)

January 29

  • In order to make calendar and google groups easier, I added a section at the end of your assignment for next week. After uploading your notes, please also write you gmail email address (if you have one). I will use your Pratt email for most things, but this guarantees you can import the calendar and comment on PrattArtHistory (below)
  • Since many of you prefer paper calendars, if one if you wants to make a handwritten calendar of the assignments and readings, that would be great! Please post it on the PrattArtHistory forum or email it to me and I will share it.

January 27

As of Saturday, very few people have accessed the textbook or submitted their formal analysis. Remember, before each class you are expected to:

  • Read and take notes on the assigned chapter(s)
  • Review the terms and image list for the lecture
  • Submit weekly assignment

Also this week, try to join the Pratt Art History group below (you will need to do so with a gmail account).

Textbook Access Key: MTPQ866PBBDH


Turns out, you can only join the forum below with a gmail account. If you have one, there should be a way to request to join. If you don't/ it doesn't work, we'll troubleshoot next week.

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