Syllabus: HA111-03 & 09 | Themes in Art and Culture


May 5

Reminder: Possible essay questions posted on the "Resource" Page and a video on Byzantine Art is posted in the youtube playlist next linked next to the slides.

April 2

  • Reminder re: technology policy:
    • No laptops unless you have received explicit clearance from me.
    • No phones.
  • Schedule office hours through the calendar (you must be subscribed, see message board for help if you are not)
  • I added a couple things to the writing guide to try to clarify some questions.
  • Use the message board- if you don't know where something is or have a question about an assignment, post it. If you know the answer, respond- use the hive mind, share your knowledge.


Playback on the Ch 7 video lecture is a bit garbled, so this exam will only cover the portion of that chapter covered in class (Republic & Early Empire). This is reflected on the image list: orange highlights are included on the midterm, crossed out are not.

The midterm includes Ch 1, 2, 3, Global Antiquity (only images on image list), 4, 5, and 7 Through Arch of Titus (High and Late Empire: read only, not on exam)

Ch 5 Video lectures are on the youtube playlist: Early & High Classicism, Hellenism

To lighten the load a bit, while most midterms include both a compare & contrast essay and a thematic essay, this midterm will only include a compare and contrast essay.

I will be available via gchat and google hangouts tomorrow between 1 - 6 PM. Feel free to reach out with any content questions (e.g. to clarify themes or get more context on a particular artwork) 👍🏽

Before you email re: technical questions (e.g. midterm format)

  • Check the syllabus
  • Check the website (including resources and lecture pages)
  • Check and/or post on the message board above (and answer questions :)

February 7

Those of you who sent your gmail accounts should be able to use the calendar and discussion board now. You can sign in for office hours simply by clicking on the time slot and editing your name into the event.

Be careful not to delete any events as it deletes it for everyone. Thanks!

January 29

  • In order to make calendar and google groups easier, I added a section at the end of your assignment for next week. After uploading your notes, please also write you gmail email address (if you have one). I will use your Pratt email for most things, but this guarantees you can import the calendar and comment on PrattArtHistory (below)
  • Since many of you prefer paper calendars, if one if you wants to make a handwritten calendar of the assignments and readings, that would be great! Please post it on the PrattArtHistory forum or email it to me and I will share it.

January 27

As of Saturday, very few people have accessed the textbook or submitted their formal analysis. Remember, before each class you are expected to:

  • Read and take notes on the assigned chapter(s)
  • Review the terms and image list for the lecture
  • Submit weekly assignment

Also this week, try to join the Pratt Art History group below (you will need to do so with a gmail account).


  • I assigned the book chapters. If you do not see the book when you log on let me know ASAP
  • You can now make appointments for office hours directly on the calendar. Accept the email invitation (sent, check spam if you did not receive) and add the entire calendar to your google calendars.
  • The only way to join the google forum below is with a google email. If you have one, try to request joining the group, if you don't we'll figure it out next week.

Textbook Access Key: MTPPL1CPHKV2

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