Help 2 Care, Change, and Comfort

It's all in the name

H2C's mission is to provide care to those who need it, bring about change, and comfort struggling businesses.


H2C is a service project created by Aparna to raise funds to help the less fortunate. H2C provides an outlet for struggling businesses to sell their products and the proceeds are donated to various charity and service programs.


  • H2C has donated to the TANA Foundation. The money will go towards supporting orphanages and set up 2 eye-camps for the poor in India.
  • H2C has also helped pay for 2 students education.
  • It has also donated to a school program that provides financial support for less fortunate students.

THE NEXT GOAL: Help an orphanage celebrate Diwali

H2C's FUTURE PROJECTS: Donate to Shriner's Hospital for Children/St. Judes and organize cancer screening camps with the TANA Foundation