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Do you mainly want bigger Buttocks ?

Do you mainly want bigger buttocks ? It is not the intention that you burn fat, because that makes your buttocks slimmer and thinner. However, it is important to convert the fat into muscle mass. With that you maintain the volume, but your ass becomes a lot firmer and rounder.

There are a lot of buttocks that lend themselves well to training bigger buttocks. We have done our best to collect only the best exercises for you and have come to the top 10 below.

Use it to your advantage.

With these 10 gluteal exercises you can still get started today. They aim to make your buttocks bigger and stronger. The exercises vary in execution and the intensity with which you have to perform them.

1 Exercise and Relax the Buttocks

Who thinks that your buttocks can only train in the gym or at a time when you have time, is wrong. There are also buttock exercises that you can practice if you have a lost moment. For example, tightening and relaxing your buttocks.

You can do this very well if you are at work, waiting for the bus or busy cooking, petting or ironing. By tightening your buttock muscles regularly, holding and relaxing, you put a strain on the muscles and train your buttocks.

This exercise is of course not very intensive, but perfect to start with and also very good as a snack.

2 Squats

We have already talked about squats in several articles . The squats remain exercises that you can always carry out and which can lead to an excellent result.

Squats are easy to perform at home.

An easy way is to put a stick or rod on your shoulders. Then put your knees down, but keep your back straight. Form an angle of 90 degrees and then slowly rise again. You can push the boundary in which you sink your knees further and further.

Pay close attention to your breathing during these exercises. Inhale, do the squat and then quietly exhale.

Repeat the squat a total of 10 times per session.

3 Lunges

In addition to the squats, the lunges are ideal for training your buttocks. You can only get bigger buttocks with good lunges. You then step in and out as it were, with the focus being placed on your ass.

Use a stick or rod that you put on your shoulders. Then move one step forward and kneel down on one knee without touching the ground. Put yourself off with your foot and slowly rise again. Now step out with your other leg.

You can step out five times per left and five times per right leg per session.

4 Leg Lifting

A bigger ass comes really fast with stronger leg muscles. By leg lifting you can optimally train the thigh muscles. Support on a stool or bench and push your back up into a sphere. This way you shift the load on your butt and not on your back.

Extend one of your legs and hold them horizontally parallel to the floor. Hold your leg in this position for as long as possible, until it starts to hurt. Then return checked and exchange your leg.

Leg lifting is a very intensive workout, especially if you try to build it out. You will understand that this means that leg lifting is extremely effective.

5 Leg steps

Leg lifting is still a light exercise compared to leg kicks. Your posture is the same as when you are lifting, only kick your leg in turn with great strength and speed backwards. In doing so, you maintain the tension on your glutes.

You will notice that this costs a lot of energy and is very intensive. But the effect is very large. Training buttocks at its most effective is done with leg kicks. Keep in mind that you do not overload your legs and buttocks too much.

6 Knee Bending

Knee bends are an effective exercise for larger, rounded buttocks. They look a bit like squats. Take a stick or a rod with this exercise and place it on your shoulders. Place your feet apart (about shoulder width) and keep your back straight. Slowly bend your knees until your legs are parallel to the floor. Then come back up in a controlled manner.

Repeat this exercise a few times for even more effect.

7 Stair Climbing

Did you know that one of the instruments that can help you in training bigger buttocks is really effective? It's about your stairs.

With stairs you exert a lot of pressure on the muscles in your ass. You turn off constantly. You do not notice that, because you are usually up and down quickly.

When do you notice? When you walk up and down the stairs ten times. You can expand this automatically. Keep in mind that it is important to have sufficient fitness before starting this exercise. Because although it sounds easy, the exercise is very heavy.

The result may well be there. Your buttocks get bigger, rounder and stronger.

8 Push-ups

You probably know push-ups. But there are special push-ups with which you can train your gluteals. You begin this exercise by lying on your back and slowly lifting your pelvis. Your body will thus lie in arch form. Now pull on your glutes and hold them for five seconds. Relax and return to the starting position.

Do this exercise a number of times. They contribute to strong buttock muscles and result - if properly executed - firmly and surely in strong, beautiful and rounded buttocks.

9 Scissors Movement

The scissor movement is an exercise that you can easily perform at home, on a mat in front of the television. Lie on your right side and keep your body straight. You use your free hand to keep your balance.

Lift up your left leg. Slowly and as high as possible, until you feel that your buttocks are tightening. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Your legs are just like a pair of scissors that is completely open. Lower your leg and repeat it four more times (5 in total).

Now turn around and do the same with your right leg. This way you train both your left and right buttocks.

10 Doggy

Doggy is an exercise that belongs to the very best exercises for larger, round buttocks. You sit on your hands and knees and keep your back straight. Pull one of your legs up slowly in a 90 degree angle. Your upper leg should now form a line with your body, but your lower leg should be at right angles to your upper leg.

Pull both buttocks and try to hold this position for 10 seconds. Alternate both legs with this exercise.


There is a big difference between tight and big buttocks. That is sometimes forgotten. If you want tight buttocks, you have to do other exercises than if you want big and more volume in your buttocks. The exercises in this top 10 aim to train your buttocks so that they become bigger and rounder. Carry them quietly at ease and repeat them with some regularity for the best and most beautiful result.

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