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Perfect Solution to Free Yourself from my Male Breasts

How I Got Rid Of My Male Breasts

Male breasts, or gynecomastia, were a major problem in my life for several years. It was humiliating and caused a lot of headaches in my relationship with women. I felt completely uncomfortable in bed with my partner, on the beach, or even wearing a shirt.

I made excuses every time I had to take off my shirt in public or having sex with my girlfriends. I did not know any other way to avoid the embarrassment of gynecomastia and the way my chest looked. I did not have pecs like other men ... I had breasts and I hated them. I could never get it out of my head.

It took me a lot of research and time to find a way to get rid of my male breasts. Through TV, radio, magazines and Internet many products are offered that are supposedly the best solutions to have a slimmer and attractive chest. I was willing to try everything. I just wanted to reduce the size of my breasts so I would not feel ashamed to take my shirt off in front of other people.

I had trouble assimilating all the available information. I tried everything for my gynecomastia and I am happy to tell you that I finally found the perfect solution to free myself from my male breasts.

After all the painful efforts I made to make my chest look better and lose some fat in my breasts, I wanted to help other men who have to deal with this problem on a daily basis. I gathered information about gynecomastia (the medical term for male boobs) that I thought it important to spread so that men could know more about the subject. At the same time, my intention is to help those men who are concerned about their appearance, to make the decision to put an end to their problem more easily and safely.

There are many dishonest companies, and I had some experiences with them. I hope that the information I provide on this site will help you not to have to go through the disappointments that I experienced when trying to reduce or get rid of my male breasts.


What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a syndrome in which men suffer from the development of female breast tissue. The cases can be from very mild (the nipples a little "swollen") to very serious, where large breasts develop. Gynecomastia, in any of its degrees, has the potential to be psychologically harmful, with serious side effects on self-esteem, confidence and body image.

The pseudo-gynecomastia is the result of excess fatty tissue and generally affects men who are overweight. In these cases, by losing weight and reducing fat, men can reduce and eliminate the appearance of female breasts. In cases of real gynecomastia, there is a development of permanent glandular breast tissue.

The simple term for this physical disorder is "male breasts."

What causes Gynecomastia (male breasts)?

One of the most common causes of gynecomastia are the hormonal changes that take place during puberty or that are part of the natural aging process. It may also be due to changes in the balance of 2 hormones: estrogen and testosterone. This happens most frequently during the adolescent stage.

Many men simply have a little fat accumulated on the pectoral muscles and develop the appearance of female breasts. This is usually related to the increase in body fat, which can occur very quickly as a man ages. Your metabolism slows down, they can be less active people and, before they can realize they have a pair of breasts instead of pecs!

Regardless of the case, this is a very embarrassing condition and has a solution.

After doing a lot of research, I realized that, in my case, this problem developed when I was young, most likely during puberty. He was a pretty sturdy child, but he was not obese at all. Even when she lost a little weight, she still had breasts. I realized that I had to attack my gynecomastia problem from different angles. Think of a cake, in which each cause of male breasts makes up the total. In my case, the biggest portion of the pie was trying to balance my hormones. On the contrary, my weight, diet and my exercise routine were the smallest portions. However, I still had to deal with all those problems. What you will see here is that each story is different and you will have to deal with your problem in your own way.

Male Breast Cream

What Are The Effects Of Male Breasts?

The effects of gynecomastia vary in every man. In my case, sometimes it was easier for me to deal with the problem because I did not have a stable girlfriend, so I did not have to worry about taking my shirt off so often. In addition, I lived in Ohio, where 7 months a year people are inside their homes to avoid being cold.

For those who have wives, girlfriends or live in a place with a warm climate, male breasts can be a much more embarrassing and frustrating subject, because very often they will have to take off their shirts and their torso will be exposed. And it becomes a very uncomfortable subject if you do not talk about it with your partner; Both know that the problem exists, and that can thin the climate between them. Is not it horrible to have to stop going to the beach every weekend because you do not want people to see you bare-chested? Believe me, I know what's wrong. Eliminating your male breasts should be your main priority because that way you will have a much happier life. You will not have to spend your whole life worrying about the time when you have to take off your shirt in front of another person.

Ending your gynecomastia problem will improve your life in several ways. You will have more confidence in yourself, something that will not only make you happier, but also improve your love life. You will have the confidence to talk to women or start intimate with your partner thanks to your new positive image.

How is Gynecomastia Cured?

Liposuction - Unfortunately, the first response that people think when it comes to physical appearance is to do some kind of cosmetic surgery. Of course, the results can be very good, but do you really want someone to cut your body to reduce the size of your male breasts? Just thinking about that makes me feel less man. Also, that is not the only problem, but in my opinion, the cost and time of recovery are not worth it. We must also take into account the complications of surgery, which, while not very common, can happen. I do not know what your opinion will be, but I do not like to play with my life and my health that way.

The cost of surgery to reduce male breasts varies between $ 4,500 and$ 8,000. Your insurance will not cover this operation and you should bear in mind that after surgery of this type you will need about 6 weeks of recovery, or maybe more. Of course, you should forget about doing any type of physical activity during that time.

Herbal Pills - These pills were the worst waste of money I ever made in my life. As I said before, I tried a lot of different products. (Like Gynexin, Gynexol) Now that I think about it, I feel silly having fallen into the trap of a vitamin company that claimed to have a pill to reduce the size of my male breasts. That is a lie, do not be fooled.

Natural Solutions ( The best option ) - After all my research on Gynecomastia, I discovered that the best products on the market are those that solve the problem naturally. This is an easy and safe way to end the problem of male breasts. You can learn techniques, ideas and exercises to practice that can be improved later. The techniques work fast and make a lot of sense. I started seeing results in a couple of weeks, and after two months, my male breasts had completely disappeared.

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