Breast Actives

Breast Actives - Natural Breast Enlargement - Breast Enlargement with own Fat


With a breast augmentation with own fat, the surgeon removes excess fatty tissue, at the level of the abdomen or thighs and reuses it to enlarge the breasts. Because only body tissue is used in this technique, it speaks of a natural breast enlargement.


The disadvantage of a Breast Actives of the breasts is that the desired enlargement of the breast volume can often not be achieved in one operation, since the surgeon can only gradually build up the volume of the breast. You have to take into account that 30% to 50% of the fatty tissue disappears between 6 weeks and 3 months after the operation.

Many aesthetic procedures are therefore often necessary to obtain the desired result. Due to the fact that several interventions may be necessary, the effective cost price can not be calculated in advance.

By means of Breast Actives one can increase at most 1 cup size, exceptionally 1.5 cup size.

Sometimes the death of fat cells gives rise to the formation of small Breast Actives. These Breast Actives are also harmless, but are visible on mammography and can sometimes cause some anxiety, since certain breast tumors can also show calcification on mammography.

On the other hand, the detection of breast cancer is not complicated by the fact that you are a carrier of breast implants.

In reconstructive surgery, after diagnosing breast cancer, this technique is often used because there is an almost complete reimbursement for this procedure.

A breast implant or breast prosthesis is basically just a bag filled with a certain substance. The implant has, however, a long history behind it. As a result, the lifespan of the breast implants is prolonged and the number of possible complications is greatly reduced.

The most famous breast implants are undoubtedly the silicone prostheses filled with silicone gel .


The supply of breast implants is large. They can differ in terms of filling, shape, size, profile and surface and of course also in terms of quality. Good information about the types of breast implants is therefore indispensable.

All implants have a silicone shell, but can be filled differently. As far as the filling is concerned, we mainly distinguish the physiological saline solution, the liquid silicone prostheses, the prostheses with cohesive silicone gel and the monobloc prosthesis filled with hydrogel. In addition, there are drop-shaped and round prostheses, with a smooth or rough surface. The prostheses with cohesive silicone gel are most recommended by our team of surgeons.


The breast correction takes about one hour and takes place under full anesthesia. You can go home that same day. Be accompanied on the day of the operation. Taking a week off is not a luxury to recover.

The first few days after the breast correction - especially with submucular placement - the breasts sometimes feel painful and tense. The plastic surgeon will also prescribe the necessary painkillers for you. The scars may temporarily become red and thick after the procedure.

External sutures are removed two weeks after the breast correction. From then on, the scars may be gently massaged with a moisturizing cream. This can speed up the healing process.

The first six weeks after the breast correction, a special support bra must be worn day and night. This is measured right after the procedure, supports the breasts and stops the swelling.

With round breast prostheses , after two days the bra can be taken out daily to wash the bra or to take a shower. With anatomical implants , this can only be done after seven days. Only in this way can optimum positioning of the breast prosthesis be guaranteed.

Giving the wound no rest can lead to displacement of the prosthesis. Until six weeks after the breast correction, exercise, high reaching and heavy efforts can be avoided. For sports where the pectoral muscle is used intensively, it is recommended to wait two months. Sleeping on the stomach is also advised against during the first weeks.

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