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Gynecomastia Treatment Options - Cream Is The Perfect Solution

Male breast development or gynecomastia is breast development in men due to hormonal changes that stimulate the mammary gland tissue. Both men and women have breast tissue that can be stimulated for growth either through the body's own sex hormones or external factors that can affect sex hormone levels or hormonal activity. The development of breast tissue in women is normal and occurs due to stimulation with female sex hormone.

Many boys, maybe up to 40 percent, can briefly experience breast development at the beginning of puberty. This is because sex hormone production at the beginning of puberty has not yet been refined. In most, gynecomastia disappears by itself within a year's time. Male breast development that occurs at the end of puberty or adulthood is not normal and should in most cases be investigated.

Breast development in one or both sides

Breast development in men is most commonly affected on both sides (bilateral gynecomastia), whereas unilateral gynecomastia development is seen in approximately 25 percent of men with breast formation. The chest is most sore at the beginning of the chest. In some, the soreness decreases while continuing with others.

Breast development due to overweight

Lipomastia is a condition of increased fatty tissue in the breast region. This condition is usually due to overweight. Sometimes there is a combination of gynecomastia and overweight.


Breast cancer in men

Breast cancer in men is a completely different disease than gynecomastia, and the two conditions are unrelated. Men with gynecomastia do not have an increased risk of breast cancer.

Why do some men develop breasts?

Male breast development is due to changes in the estrogen balance (female sex hormone) and androgen (male sex hormone) in order to overcome estrogen overweight. The imbalance can be attributed to increased estrogen levels, decreased androgen levels or decreased susceptibility to male sex hormone glandular tissue. This hormonal imbalance may be due to a decreasing testicular function, in which the testicles' ability to produce male sex hormone (testosterone) decreases. But the hormonal imbalance can also occur secondary - that is, as a consequence of other illness or medical treatment.

Initial studies

Most men address their GP to study breast formation because they fear that they are breast cancer. An important task for the GP is therefore to determine whether it is one of the very few cases of male breast cancer, or whether it is fatty tissue in the breast region due to overweight or 'real gynecomastia'.

The true gynaecomastomy is characterized by the fact that you can feel glandular tissue in the breast region. In light cases, breast development is not visible. In other cases, overweight can make it difficult to determine whether it is also a true gynecomastia. Usually there is no need for imaging (ultrasound or x-ray), but if you are in doubt whether it is true gynecomastia or if it is breast development due to overweight, you can perform a supplementary image survey.

How do you treat the development of breasts in men?

Experienced, the above investigation will result in the doctor finding one or more specific causes in about 50 percent or more of the referenced patients with newly born breast development. In a majority of these, breast development is a symptom of other unrecognized hormonal disease (most often lack of male sex hormone) and treatment should target this disease.

Treatment of hormonal disease

In men who are not aware of a newly developed breast development, there is a good chance that the breast development will disappear again without treatment within 6-8 months. Generally, spontaneous shrinkage of breast development is less likely if it has been present for more than 1 year.


Reference to the operational assessment at the plastic surgery department may be discussed in slim patients with pronounced breast development, and where there are no options for treatment of a triggering cause and in cases where time has shown that breast development does not fade by itself.

For those patients where there is another disease as explanation for breast development, a reference to operational assessment is first given approximately one year after specific treatment against the triggering cause. However, in order to be referred to an operative assessment, it is a criterion that breast development is not faded and that the man himself wants a cosmetic surgery.


Treatment of Gynecomastia With Gynexol

Most people do not prefer to go with home remedies, diet and exercises. May be because they find it hectic and time consuming or they prefer to go with an easy way. For those people creams especially designed to eliminate gynecomastia are the best option. One of the most popular male breast reduction cream in the market is Gynexol. It is manufactured by a reputable brand in USA and is duly approved by FDA. Many people have reported that this cream has helped them in resolving their male breast condition. Gynexol is a 100% natural, effective, affordable, safe and easy to apply treatment option for people suffering with gynecomastia.

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