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Every person has two buttocks. Buttocks do not only consist of glutes but of course fat tissue. To the great frustration of many women, the buttocks often consist of more fatty tissue than muscles. Fat hangs. This causes weak buttocks, saddlebags or the well-known hanging legs.

Do you have a question about the buttock? Or do you have a nice idea? Or do you have experience with the program above to train your gluteal muscle? Let us know.

Why do we Have Buttocks?

Whether you have flat buttocks, thick buttocks, round buttocks or tight buttocks , buttocks make sure we can sit. Buttocks are also very appealing in addition to being very functional. Buttocks are generally seen as very attractive. The shape of the buttocks is partly in the gene. Some are born with firm buttocks. They simply have a talent for it. Brazilian women are known for their nice firm buttocks. But the shape of the buttocks is also determined by the buttocks. And these glutes can be trained through simple buttock exercises. So the Dutch woman may naturally have fewer glutes, but by training the gluteal muscle well, they can also have beautiful shaped buttocks. avc-atlantadotorg

Beautiful Buttocks

The figure of a woman speaks. It is many times more beautiful than the hard angular body of the man. Beautiful men exude power. The man must be strong to protect the woman. But a woman with round breasts and round buttocks make her suitable as a mating partner. The buttocks therefore act as a sort of magnet. Little bit of mother nature. Did you know that you can influence the shape of the buttocks?

If you're talking about getting a muscular, round ass, we'd prefer to swing a wand and see results. Unfortunately it does not work like this: training your body takes time, energy, sweat and a lot, a lot of patience. That there is no magic fix , shows the popular Instagrammer Emma O'Neill in her much liked post. Emma is not your first best fitness model, but a certified fitness trainer. And she has an admirable background. In this post she tells exactly how she has achieved her fantastic result. And we are happy because you have to eat. A lot of food, according to Emma.

What does the buttock serve for?

Your buttocks are very important in bringing your thigh backwards (extension of the hip) with respect to your pelvis. Your buttock muscles are therefore crucial for your walking ability. In addition to bringing back your legs (extension) your buttocks also ensure that you can move your leg sideways (abduction) and that you can rotate your leg. Your buttock muscles serve as a stabilizer for your pelvis and ensure, among other things, that you can sit upright. How to Prevent Hemorrhoids

If we look more substantively at the anatomy of the gluteal muscle. Then we can subdivide these into three different muscles. The large gluteal muscle (M.gluteus maximus) has the greatest strength and provides the curves of the buttock. The second muscle (M.gluteus medius) provides abduction (lateral movement) and is a stabilizer of the knee. Underdevelopment of the m.gluteus medius can cause knee complaints. Primarily, knee complaints do not have to get out of the knee, but it may be that a part of a chain is weakened, including m.gluteus medius often occurring in knee complaints. The last of the three gluteals, the small gluteal muscle (M. gluteus minimus) ensures that your leg can move away from the body, it causes a hip bend and causes the bend to go inside.

Activate and make connection

If you want to grow your buttocks, you have to ensure that the desired muscle is actually activated / trained. The more active the gluteal muscle is during exercise, the more you stimulate the gluteal muscle to grow. While performing a movement you have to put 100% focus on the muscle you want to train. Training is more than simply moving a weight from A to B. Before you add weight to your barbell, it is important that you first control your exercise with your body weight. When executing a hip-thrust, you must feel the buttocks without weight at full extension. By training the buttocks with your full attention you will give them a better training stimulus. Prevent Nail Fungus

Another good example to make you aware of activating your buttock muscles is to run a bridge. With this exercise you can perfectly focus on your glutes.

In an American study that looked at the difference of activation between hip-hop and squat, a significant difference was observed.

In the study among 13 trained women. Women were asked to perform 10 repetitions of both exercises.

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