Wildeward Academy Series - Kinks and Triggers

Hunter's Moon - Academy tropes: mean girls, professor  & student, magic classes and combat.  Fated mates, rejected mates, blood kink (including period blood), dream teasing, and sex is magic. Taking control of one's sexuality and loss of virginity. Found family.
Triggers include: the abduction of the FMC with a brief on-page assault (chapter 28). Unwanted choking. Cliffhanger rating: 4/5 (cozy but so many questions!)

Ice Cold Moon - All those Academy tropes, plus beguilement of actions and feelings, fluctuating lust, more period blood (it's a plot point), magic combat classes, MM flirtation, detailed magic medical healing, MFM scene, piercings, stabbing of a main character results in a coma, on-page death of a side character, groveling, mating bites, and evil stepmother games. Cliffhanger rating: 4/5 (determination for change!)

Blood Moon - Academy vibes + exams & trials, reluctant mates, sex dreams morphing into nightmares, doctor abusing authority, ghosts and necromancy, bloodlust and betrayal, mating bites, MFMM scene, zombies, death of a side character and arson, MFM with double penetration, thoughts of suicide, magical nullification, and labyrinth trials. Cliffhanger rating: 5/5 (it's mean, sorry not sorry?)

Hot-Fey Moon - Less Academy, this is a summer break and bridge. Finally, a full orgy with voyeurism and double penetration, though still reluctant mates, prejudice, misogyny, side character death, MFM and MMF scenes. NOT NICE Faeries with magic nullification, altered state, and slavery/torture. Cliffhanger rating: 3/5 (satisfying while still wanting more!)

Wilde Moon - In the magical world and High Society at large. Death of past pets, reanimated zombies, prejudices, dream teasing, MFM scenes galore, arranged marriage contracts, side character deaths, death and rebirth, wedding crashing and wrapping up all the plot points! Cliffhanger rating - none. Success!

Wilder Fates - The group orgy scene you've always wanted. Pregnancy goal.

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MF Prologue

FF Holiday Novella

Aria & the Seven Seas Series - Kinks and Triggers

This is an eight-layer cake of smut and meet-cutes and as much bi-panic as you can possibly sink your teeth into. Needless to say, this is historical fantasy, heavy on the fantasy, and always a romance. No sad endings here, though there may be a cliff… or two. A "romp" in every sense of the word - pure romantic comedy adventure.

Aria does suffer triggers from an alluded past assault brought on by one briefly on page in the first book. There are thoughts of self-sacrifice by suicide as well as flashbacks of being a nurse in a magical war and dealing with the patriarchy, misogyny, and slut-shaming. The main characters un-alive their demons and foes, often with relish. Gore is kept to a minimum, but there are instances of on-page deaths of some side characters. 

Kinks for the entire series are as follows: voyeurism, double penetration, spawning heats, orgies with MM and FF, bukkake, mating bites, scent kink, tentacles, FF with interesting anatomy, locking, primal chase scene, breeding talk but no actual pregnancy, hemipenes, bulging and knots ahoy!