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GWRRA Chapter V of Bedford, Virginia

GWRRA Chapter V is all about having fun, riding and being safe. GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association) was founded on this idea. This theme is what keeps people coming back to this not-for-profit educational organization. GWRRA was founded and based out of Phoenix, AZ. There are nine different Regions all over the U.S and several Regions outside the U.S. There are districts under each Regions to help promote and lead the individual chapters with the theme and knowledge of the organization. Fun is being able to meet new people and form new friends to have fun riding with and socialize with to help you though life. Riding is one of the main reasons for the organization. It is to get out and enjoy riding motorcycles safely and viewing all the scenery that nature has for us. Safety is the ability to ride and gain the knowledge to ride safe in order to keep our co-rider safe along with everyone else we ride with on two wheels and four wheels around us.

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Monthly Gathering

for Chapter V

Chapter V meets in Bedford, Va. on the 3rd Sunday of every month at Bedford Church of God located at 1212 East Main Street at 2:00 pm for the gathering. All riders and guests are welcome!!!

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