Gwendolyn Best

After more than 25 years as an educator and instructional leader in k-12 education in Virginia, I am now serving as a Training Coordinator. In this role, I am a member of the Human Resources Team and Workforce Development Division with the 

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. 

This website serves as a platform to showcase my previous endeavors and to convey how these experiences have readied me for my next role. 

Collaboration and Teamwork

Collaboration and teamwork are two practices I value most as an educator and employee.  Those two things have sparked inspiration, spurred my professional growth, and kept me excited about the benefits and power of a positive social, emotional and academic experience for all students.  My positive professional experiences and proven track record of being an ideal teammate are rooted in my genuine love and respect for  people. 

 Encouraging collaboration and teamwork that builds trust and strengthens relationships within schools is the type of work I enjoy most.  That work brings me joy, especially when it is driven by collaboratively-developed goals for students' academic experiences. 

My Educational Leadership Beginnings 

My first three years coaching teachers were with Suffolk Public Schools (SPS) where I served as an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher.  For the next five years I served as Suffolk's  division-level leader for elementary mathematics.  Those eight years changed my life and put me on a path of educational leadership. I honed my skill of unleashing the power  and potential of teachers.  I appreciate the individuality of each teacher. As a leader I believe it is important to use the aspirations, needs and strengths of educators to develop their capacity to implement programs that promote student agency. 

Experienced Professional Learning  Designer and Facilitator 

I have designed and facilitated professional learning at the school, division, regional, and state levels. I am especially grateful for opportunities to work with the Training and Technical Assistance Centers (TTAC) at ODU and the College of William and Mary.  After my work as a lead designer and facilitator of the  2014 Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Mathematics Institutes I received a letter of thanks that included the following statement: "You were invited to be a lead facilitator not only because of your expertise with mathematics content and pedagogy, but also for your expertise in developing and providing quality professional development for teachers and teacher leaders. Thank you for giving of your time to assist all school divisions and teachers in Virginia." 

I believe...