Grand Visions captures and creates moments in time with art, design, video and photography.

Plasma cut metal art inspired by nature and form, it is a blend of modern and impressionistic art that can be a beautiful accent to both indoor and outdoor rooms. Plasma metal designs can be produced at many different sizes, colors and weights.



Surfacing Mermaid

Surfacing Mermaid can be displayed at a variety of different angles.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

The Inspiration:The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai

Inspiring artists for 100's of years this iconic painting has been reproduced in many forms.

Mermaid and Dolphin

A playful dolphin guides a lovely mermaid.

Whale's Tail (Descent)

Whale's Descent- Imagining the depths of a whales dive into the dark as it's magnificent tail captures on last reflection of light.

NaPali Adventure

NaPali Adventure- You'll never forget the majesty of this coastline on Kauai and its sheer beauty.

The Inspiration: A photograph from the 1900's of a Hawaiian holding his Alaia surfboard looking out into the Waikiki surf below Diamond Head.

Hawaiian Surfer at Waikiki-Bronze Colored Finish

Sunset Beach Surfer- One of the most challenging and beautiful places on the North Shore. Generations of legendary surfers have raced along this powerful wave and tried to tame its fiery temper.

Surfer (Eddie) at Sunset Beach -Blue Gradient Metallic Finish

Surfer Tom Blake- In the 1920's a Wisconsin swim champion moved to Hawaii and helped launch surfing into mainstream culture. Invention and courage were required of the early pioneers of surfing and Tom Blake had it all.

Surfer Tom Blake- Bronze Hammered Finish

Tuna Swarm- Yellowfin tuna slice through the water with speed and elusiveness. A favorite among anglers and sushi lovers.

Tuna Swarm

Coral Heart- A clown fish and seahorse share a moment among a coral heart.

Coral Heart -Gold and Silver Metallic Finish

Woody Surf Wagon- A classic icon of a by gone era of road tripping across California looking for surf and fun.

Woody Surf Wagon

Dolphin Duo-Metallic Blue Finish

Dolphins- The sleekness and grace of dolphins gliding through the water.