Guatemala Village Partners

Mission and Vision

The vision of Guatemala Village Partners, Inc. is to connect with and support the indigenous people of Guatemala. We hope to improve both educational and economical opportunities for the native people of Guatemala.

Below is a short movie from the January 2019 trip to Guatemala. Many thanks to Mackenzie! Also watch Santa's story in the videos tab.

Guatemala Village

Educational Missions

Many children in Guatemala do not have the necessary means to attend middle or high school. An even larger portion of Guatemalan children do not have the opportunity to pursue a college education.

Education typically stops after elementary school for most because middle school and high school are no longer free. Many families cannot afford to pay for this education.

Guatemala Village Partners, Inc.'s vision is to step in where the Guatemalan "public education" drops off. We hope to award these children scholarships that will enable them to further their educations at the middle and high school levels. With this new educational opportunity, we hope that many students who would not have considered college an option will now have the confidence to pursue higher education.

Our hope is that while we invest in the children's educations, the children will mature into educated adults who will contribute back to the society of Guatemala.

We believe that partnerships will make our goals attainable. We plan on engaging the local population by building relationships with village leaders and residents. We also plan on establishing relationships with other organizations in the United States interested in developmental programs.

Economical Missions

Guatemala Village Partners have found an amazing desire for economic improvement through a microloan program. The initial successes from this program are providing the first steps towards a sustainable approach to economic development that can take advantage of the new capabilities enabled through the educational programs. See tab on upper right corner for more information.

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