internet zen circle

Dosen ji 道仙寺


  • Integrating meditation to activity and conversely.

  • Understanding "stillness in action".

  • Quitting the habit of suffering and ill health

  • Realizing the world as it is.


  • join the zen circle

  • inquire at

  • clarify on Sundays at 9 am (CET)

  • wherever you are is the right place


  • go to the meditation tab and enter the room.

  • establish your personal daily routine

  • follow the instructions and seek clarification

  • keep mindful awareness at all times

We are already in the middle of the Way. We are already in the midst of Truth. There is no need, then, for any means, procedures or effort towards liberation or enlightenment. These are all completely unnecessary. Simply observing things as they appear, without a centre, that is the objective, the ultimate aim of practice. We practice to express our centerless nature. We don't practice to attain enlightenment, but to be practice, to be enlightenment.