Gutter Installation Atlanta

How to Identify Gutter Damage

Winter can be rough on the gutters of a home, and being able to identify damage after a rough season is a critical part of routine home maintenance. Superior Pro, who specializes in Gutter Installation Atlanta recommends that you thoroughly examine the rain gutters of your home each spring and take note of any damage that has been sustained. Those who are not certain what to look for in terms of gutter damage can follow this guide:

Cracks or Dents

Even small dents and cracks can lead to major water damage if they are not repaired. When a rain gutter is damaged, it really can’t drain like it is supposed to. Because of this debris will build up causing the gutters to overflow. This can eventually lead to leaks and serious water damage. Leaky gutters can cause serious damage if not addressed.

Secure Gutters

Heavy wind, snow, and precipitation can gradually pull the gutters away from the house and cause them to sag. This typically happens when the gutters are weighed down with debris and aren’t draining properly. When gutters start to look uneven, and feel unsecure, or are clearly pulling away from the structure, call a gutter repair professional as soon as possible.

Sometimes, homeowners forget how important their gutters and downspouts are until something goes wrong with them. Leaks, mold and mildew buildup, and even foundation damage are all results of gutter damage left unchecked.

Signs of Water Damage

When there is discoloration on the underside of the gutter system, chipping paint, rust, or pools of water near the foundation of the house, the gutters are probably not doing their job. Never ignore signs of water damage.

Additional Damage

Sometimes a problem that calls for gutter damage repair causes the water to back up onto the roof, the shingles can become soggy and separated, starting to leak. In the colder months, standing water on a roof forms ice dams, which can be detrimental.

Also, if the gutters pull away, the water can run down the side of the house causing rot or even mold.

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