Gutter Cleaning Long Island

Gutters and downspouts are the silent heroes of your house. You never think about them and all the hard work they do. Until they stop working. Then the rain starts pouring over the sides, the downspouts are clogged up, and it's a big mess. Maybe it's time to have new rain gutters and downspouts installed. Let's take a look at what you may need to know.

Rain Gutter Materials

When buying new rain gutters, one of your first choices will be the material they are made from. Typical choices include aluminum, steel and copper. Plastic is available, but often not a good choice due to shorter lifespan. Wood, once the staple of gutters, is now becoming popular again, as properly installed and maintained wooden gutters can last for decades, sometimes longer than their metal counterparts. Regardless, you will need to make your choice based on your area (wetter areas with higher humidity can rule out steel, even though it's galvanized), your house's style and the look you are going after (copper is increasingly popular, though with a distinctive look), and price. Aluminum can offer the best balance of affordability and longevity. Copper is more expensive, but can last longer. Steel is cheaper initially, but can tend to rust if not taken care of well.

Take a good look at your situation before deciding - the decision will stay with you, good or bad, for quite some time.

Gutter shapes

Once you decide which material you are going to use, or perhaps in concert with the first decision, you will need to decide what shape of gutter you will buy. There are 2 major styles - half-rounds and the "K" style gutter (which can vaguely look like the letter K, but really is a kind of rectangular gutter). Also at this time, you will need to determine the size of the gutters. 4, 5, and 6-inch diameter styles are available, with 5-inch gutters being a good middle ground. If you have lots of trees in your area, larger sizes, like the 5 and 6-inch gutters, are a good choice to reduce clogging.

Attachment systems

So you know the material of your gutters and downspouts, you've got the shape dialed in. Now, how will you attach them to your roof? Duct tape? Hardly. In truth, the best option will be hangers. Spike-and-ferrule systems are available (basically a big nail with a spacer in the gutter itself) but they often pull out and generally don't last as long as hanger systems. There are a number of hanger styles available (hidden hanger, hanger and strap, crossbar hangers) but the truth is, any one of those will be a good choice. Which one will depend on your individual roof.


Even though gutter chains are becoming popular in some areas, the typical downspout will be 3x4 inch rectangular, or often a 3 or 4 inch round downspout. Larger is better here, especially if you live in areas with lots of trees.

Gutters and Downspouts

Remember that what you choose is going to be based not only on what you like, but what you can afford. Buy the best gutters and downspouts you can afford and generally you will be happy for some time to come. Just remember to clean them out periodically and they will keep taking care of you and your house.

So, there you have it, some basic information about gutters and downspouts. I hope this has been a good starting point for you on your way to either keeping the ones you have in good working order, or a quick primer on what to consider when purchasing new gutters and downspouts.

Why so important? Unfortunately, many won't call out a professional gutter cleaner until the damage has already been done by Mother Nature. It's too little, too late! Something as simple as an obstructed down pipe can cause 'thousands' of dollars worth of damages to your home and property. This can be caused by overflowing water when the down pipes are blocked because it has no clear flow path besides over the edges and potentially into your home or property.

Gutter Cleaning Long Island

Water damages can range from; fascia's needing replacing, water-logged carpets, damaged ceilings and internal walls and of course, replacement of gutters. This is why I consider, in my professional opinion, that this particular aspect of home and property maintenance is a worthwhile investment.

Also in the high fire season, gutter cleaning is one form of protection from flying embers that have the ability to remain combustible for around 30 minutes. Once again, an investment for your home, property, finances and even your life!

By hiring a professional gutter cleaner to do the job for you, you also eliminate the risk of falling off, or falling through the roof, that may cause property damage, personal injury, time off work and potentially loss of finances.

Gutter Cleaning Long Island NY

When choosing which professional you should hire to clean your gutters, something to put into consideration is; prices can vary from cleaner to cleaner and the 'cheapest' is not always the best.

So, when inquiring about prices, make sure to ask; Are they fully insured? Does the price include downpipes and roofs getting cleared? Do they remove all gutter contents and debris from your home or property and how do they clean the gutters?

For most homes, one could expect to pay between $100 - $250. Of course, house sizes vary quite considerably and these prices are a guide only. Double stories would usually come under a different price bracket due to the higher risks involved.

The answers to these simple questions can reflect on the quote given to you. You may be surprised as to how many gutter cleaners out there don't actually clean out the downpipes!

Remember, it only takes that 1 down pipe to create potential damage.