Radio Apps

My favourite selection of online stations providing something for most tastes:

Radio Caroline from Great Britain, album rock with some new music, nearly all DJ presented, Pat Edison (ex-Radio Kaleidoscope) does a particularly good show.

Pinguin Radio from the Netherlands, new Indie music with some oldie classics, mainly non-stop with no ads or chatter but great jingles, the shows are DJ curated and not the usual computer algorithm selections. There is an hourly ijsbreker which is the promoted track of the week chosen by listener votes on the twitter account @pinguinradio. There are some DJ presented shows at the weekend and coverage of local festivals. This station used to be KinkFM on Dutch cable radio, some of the founders have offshore connections. Their motto is "No Bullshit, Great Music" Unlike UK radio they also play songs with explicit lyrics which is refreshing.

La X Electronica is a pop, electronica station Spanish speaking based in Medellín, Colombia locally broadcasting on 103.9 FM, they have a good mix of DJ presented shows Mañanas X (pronounced "equis"). The DJ's are knowledgeable about music and give news of festivals and movies. Non-stop classic pop and German/Dutch sourced Techno and DJ presented House mixes during the night, bear in mind they are -5 or -6 hours to UK time depending on the time of year. There are few adverts at the top of the hour, some news, and the Colombian National anthem can be heard at 0600 Colombian time.

Caroline Flashback is like the 1960's original station complete with the old jingles, DJ presented with a wider range of music than the usual "Gold" stations.

Mayak (Lighthouse) takes it's name from the old Soviet domestic station but the similarity ends there, although the old Mayak Chimes taken from the classic "Moscow Nights" are still played on the half hour. A lot of talk, news and mainly light music. Good fun discussions and phone-ins if you speak Russian.