Guildford Catenians

Essential Information

NAME Guildford Circle

LOCATION Guildford Golf Club

MEETINGS 1st Wed in the Month


Catenians in Guildford

The Guildford Catenians were formed over fifty years ago and number over 60 members drawn from an area stretching from Guildford to Haslemere and from Farnham to Leatherhead. We are part of the National Catenian Association, which also has branches in other countries.

We are an organisation of practising Catholic men, whose purpose is to provide friendship and fellowship; to enjoy each other’s company and to be there to help fellow Catenians in times of need.

Our monthly meetings begin with prayers, followed by discussion of the group’s organisation and the planning of our religious and social activities. Afterwards members enjoy a meal with opportunities to discuss current issues and family life with others who share the same values and faith. Visitors from other Catenian groups are always welcome and we are encouraged to visit other groups’ meetings and social occasions to widen and strengthen our circle of friends.

Each year we organise a full programme of social and religious events, which includes dinners with wives, widows, daughters, sons and clergy, concert and theatre visits, walks, visits to places of interest, quizzes and similar light-hearted competitions with other circles. We also hold Masses for particular intentions and arrange pilgrimages and days of recollection which deepen our faith. We have opportunities to attend local, national and international Catenian conferences, where we meet a large number of other members.

To find out more

If you respect the values of the Catholic Church and wish to meet others who share our key values of faith, friendship and family life, we would be delighted to give you further information.

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The Catenians

Friendship in Faith

Becoming a Catenian means becoming part of an extended family aiming to:

  • forge lasting friendships
  • be there for each other and their families
  • support each other during good times and bad
  • provide all possible support for our members, their families and widows who are in difficulty or need

Catenians in action

    • Catenians help their local parishes by giving their time in many ways to support their parish priests and parish communities.
    • Catenians help young people by supporting their Catholic schools, organising competitions and offering vocational advice
    • Catenians give to a bursary fund which helps young Catholics who wish to volunteer for community and development projects
    • Catenians give to a welfare fund which gives financial assistance to Catenian families in need
    • Most groups select an annual charity and nationally raise more than £300,000 for good causes each year

Catenians and their familes

Our social calendar is extensive and includes many events (e.g. summer barbecues) which whole families attend including wives, children, grandchildren, grandparents and widows.

Who can join?

Membership is open to Catholic men aged 18 and over.

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