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You can actually get a website, completely free of charge, and with no koding skills at all.

Completely free? Well... There is, of course, no such thing as a free meal; your website will show some kind of advert, in top or bottom, for the service provider, your webadress will be something like and when it comes to functionality, it will be an online brochure, noting more. But at least you don't have to take your credit card out of your wallet.

Some of the companies providing free websites offer a completely wortless solution, or way too much advertising on your site, or a very steep learning curve, but I have picked out a few that might be usefull to you.

First of all, Google MyBusiness, that is your way of providing (free) information to Google Search and Google Maps, about your business (a thing you really MUST do!), offers a website, that will be made simply by clicking a button, that says "Website", quoting all the information you just provided about company name, opening hours, address, etc.

A slightly better solution from Google is Google Sites, where you can make a quite nice website, with more than one page, and add all the text and images you want, with some layout options. You even have a choice between a small selection of design themes.

(This page is made with Google Sites) will make it very clear to the visitor that your website is provided for free, but they will, on the other hand, give you a huge selection of design themes, fonts, etc. It's slightly more complicated to make a website, but if layout is of importance, this is the way to go. Remember to change the view to mobile, before you make the site public, to make sure everything is in an acceptable position.

The same can be said about, though it is sligtly easier to work with, and the options are not as overwelming, as with Wix. But with both these services you have to have some basic knowledge of layout and design.

For all these services you have to use a laptop or desktop computer to do the editing. A tablet or smartphone simply won't work. At the same time you have to remember, though, that the final design will be seen on a mobile device in more than 80% of all visits, so check the mobile edition before making it public.

If you want something more professionally looking, and your own URL (like, you have to cough up. offers to register the URL, and provide you with enough gigabyte server, incl. all necessary technologies, and a one click WordPress installation. The price tag is about €50 per year.

Now you have to decide how much energy you want to put into making a sufficiently well designed website. Maybe you want to put a lot of time into it, maybe you are willing to accept some design compromises, or maybe you want to pay a pro' to give the final touch – or do it all.

In any case: There is a free manual at Guerrilla Business, taking you from deciding to make a website, to a finished, all featured, webshop.

If a webshop is what you want, and you have more money than time, you might want to take a look at

But before venturing into the website making world, remember the basics of being visible online: Google MyBusiness and Facebook Pages.

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