Guardians of Earth

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We are a group of Calgarians

trying to make a difference and do things with the environment in mind!

Sell oil! Hell ya! Lets do it as innovative intelligent business people.

We do things in the community

to help raise awareness to the betterment of the surrounding community and environment.

We are also interested in an economy for the future!

We dedicate time and energy to figuring out how to reduce the human foot print keeping in mind the different concerns to have a balanced Canada.

We are innovators and inventors, and philosophers

Being Calgary based you know we love our home driven economy that is why we are looking at the ways we can move past the problems that we are having that are more important to us, like what are our names going to be known for in the books of time? Are we going to be known for cave man business or innovations?

Contact us to get involved at

Sponsor us

We need;

  • Bags for garbage drive clean ups
  • Gloves
  • Graffiti Remover
  • Paint and primer for places that wont work

$ for advertisements in kind and sponsorship

$ for think tanks and science labs to create sustainable industries! Lets move into the future!