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Our tag is TEAM because we are a TEAM

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Our tag is TEAM because we are a TEAM

We are an active GTA XBOX crew

  • We play a lot together in same sessions.

  • Active crew, 160 members atm so always crew members online

  • Active Discord, more then 100 members

  • High and low level players

  • Modded crew car colors

  • Mostly mature friends.

  • We help each other

  • We respect each other

  • We are an active crew since 27 Februari 2017

  • No hard or difficult or wierd requirements things to join us. We keep it simple: if you don't fit in TEAM we just say goodbye

  • We do Heists, grinding, car meetings, having lots of fun online fooling around.

  • NO crew mates killing. No "WANT MY KILL" back mentality shizzle. Shake hand's, walk on. it still can happen accidentally, that's not an issue.

We highly advice to join our Discord. its not a must, but makes it a lot better! chat, asking help, getting crew and GTA updates, see who's online, talk about glitches, social talk etc.

When you like play solo a lot you wont fit in TEAM.

If you're tired playing around alone, getting killed all time, can't sell your full business because it gets destroyed, not enough friends to join missions and you know what you miss then its easy: it's simple and doesn't hurt mutch: JOIN US!

Who's your boss then

Some personal talk about me.​

Who am I is an crew leader, founder is a better word i think.

I am Sander from the Netherlands, sorry for my broken Enklish talk and spelling. My age is 48 (WHAAAT!!??) and YESSS i respawned a lot so i've got a bad K/D! I play a lot GTA for a several years now, mostly a few hours a day.

Its the only game i do. I don't have time enough to do other games and i have a nice lovely family what cost me a lot of GTA time 🥰

When i'm not online in Los Santos i do a lot crew work behind the screen.

I started this crew 27 Februari 2017 because i joined several crews, did not find where i was looking for. So i made a crew like i would see it, with my vision how i prefer it should be. Most crews did not act as TEAM or to much wierd rules or no nice people.

I am not acting as an boss or dictator. Because i dont pay you and you don't pay me. I am more likely acting as an lazy sheepdog, ARH-WOOOO!! holding it all together and make it warm and cozy and piss on trees.

"It's not MY crew, it's OUR CREW!!" i just started it, we all make it like it is.

I am very thankful for all those who help me and our crew a lot!!


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