G Suite for Edu 1,2,3!

Where learning about and how to use

G Suite Tools is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Overwhelmed by g suite tools?

G Suite 1, 2, 3! makes it easy to understand and practice.

Each page is dedicated to one tool or app that you may want to learn about. On that page you will find:

1. one Explanation of the tool

2. Two helpful Youtube tutorials

3. three other online resources

*BONUS*: Some pages have a force copy of the tool you are learning about, so you can practice.

DISCLAIMER: This is a curation of resources found online to help you understand Google Tools in an organized and easy to use package. The videos and resources found on this site were NOT created by Burned-In Teacher or me (Amber Harper), but were created and shared by other super-amazing educators, tech coaches, and edtech leaders. Be cool and like and comment on their videos, blog posts, or resources if you have questions or just want to tell them how helpful they were. BURN ON!