Board Elections

New Term School Year 2019/20

Dear Parents and Students,

The board of the German School Upstate, SC is calling for the annual election of the board - Term School Year 2019/20. In order to bridge the distance between our two locations - Spartanburg and Greenville, we decided two hold our first online election ever. It will be a two-step process with all board positions being up for election!

(1) - Nomination of Candidates ... Deadline = May 10th.

(2) - Election of Board of Directors ... Window = May 11th - May 15th.

It is best practice to find individuals within our community who have passions and experience that align with our mission. Any individual can become a board member of our school. This is your chance to actively engage with the German School Upstate, bring in your critique and work on a better future!

Matthias Stollberg

The Board in a Nutshell

The German School Upstate, SC is a "501c3"-Non-Profit. It's structure is built through the board of directors (as described in our bylaws). The board of directors is the governing body of our nonprofit. Individuals who sit on the board are responsible for overseeing our organization’s activities. Board members meet periodically to discuss and vote on the affairs of the school.

Our schools governance (= board) is different from its management (= paid staff, e.a. principal, teachers). The board of directors, as a governing body, focuses on the organization’s mission, strategy, and goals. Staff members are responsible for the implementation of our mission.

Our organization also has officers - typically selected from among the board members, who are given a higher level of responsibility compared to other board members. The officers are elected by the board. The German School Upstate, SC has five officers serving the role of President, Vice-President, Registrar & Treasurer, Secretary and Special Event Coordinator. Officers and Board of Directors are non-paid / volunteer positions. The bylaws allow for the registrar/ treasurer becoming a compensated position which we think is currently not justified due to the small size of the school.

Eligible to vote on the board are parents of students, adult students, current board members and teachers.


  • supervision over, and the responsibility for, the business affairs
  • all other Officers are subject to the authority and supervision of the President
  • duties include advancement, leading fundraising initiatives, and community outreach


  • assists the President, proxy in absence of President
  • duties include advancement, leading fundraising initiatives, and community outreach

Treasurer & Registrar

  • establishes & maintains appropriate bank accounts, keeps the books & signs checks
  • disburses all monies as authorized by resolution of the board
  • reports to board on income, expenditures, assets and liabilities
  • maintains adequate operating funds and notifies board if it appears, that funds will be inadequate
  • supervises registration, keeps all student records


  • records and files meeting minutes of all board meetings
  • preserves all corporate records

Special Event Coordinator

  • coordinates special event activities
  • Christmas, Easter, Year End Grill Fest

NOTE: Principal and Teachers

The school principal (Curriculum Coordinator) is not part of the board but closely works with the president and reports in board meetings. This position is elected by a committee of officers and approved by the board on an annual basis.

The principal establishes curricula and teaching methods, hires and supervises the teachers and coordinates with parents and other volunteers to participate in curricular and extra-curricular activities. The position is also a bridge between parents, students, teachers and the board.