What is GSTAR AI?

GSTAR AI is Second family with a warm heart and intelligence.

GSTAR AI is a life-type artificial intelligence that will live with humans. Until now, pets were the second family, but AI(artificial intelligence) will become second family in the future. AI doesn’t need to take care of it like a pet. Pets consume a lot of my time and money. However, artificial intelligence saves my time and helps my daily life.

The artificial intelligence we are pursuing is artificial intelligence with sensitivity and intelligence. If the artificial intelligence currently under development are all artificial intelligence like computers that play their roles through automatic learning, our artificial intelligence are human-like AI with practical and sensibility that consumers participate in and create together. Now AI will become your friends, children, and life partners.

Please help us create practical artificial intelligence that can be used in real home and life. We ask for your participation so that AI created by your own participation can be born.

AI will continue to evolve and be reflected sequentially.

AI with emotion and intelligence

Second family taught by human

Many companies around the world are researching and preparing for artificial intelligence. We are also contemplating and researching artificial intelligence according to the times. Developing artificial intelligence is not an easy task.

If there are any results, we will immediately notify.



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