Google Summer of Code 2019 Mentor Summit

Celebrating 15 years of GSoC!

October 17-20 @ Munich, Germany (Yes, 3.5 days!)

The Mentor Summit is an annual unconference and every project participating in Google Summer of Code 2019 is invited to attend. This website has all the pertinent details—please take some time to read it carefully!

Currently there are 332 Mentors from 162 organizations and 42 countries registered for the Mentor Summit!

The Mentor Summit is COMPLETELY FULL.

Check List

Confirmed attendees please be sure to do these things before next week!

✅Packed your credit card (debit card is ok)? You’ll need one to check in at the hotel for incidentals.

✅ Read through the 2019 Mentor Summit website including the FAQ?

✅ Read through the First Timer's Guide

✅ Packed:

  • Passport (if needed) and visa (if needed)
  • International charger
  • Phone and charger, camera
  • Rain jacket and/or Umbrella (it may rain while you are in Munich!) If doing the scavenger hunt you definitely should be prepared for some rain.
  • Comfortable shoes (for castle tour and scavenger hunt)
  • Jacket (it will likely be a bit chilly)
  • Chocolate for chocolate room
  • Stickers from your org for sticker table
  • Great ideas and your Community spirit!

✅Submitted your Lightning talk (if you want to give a 3 minute talk about your students' work this summer) and practiced making it 3 minutes or less! : )