Administrative Staff


Isabel McHenry

Committee Directors

General Assembly First

Alice Szymkiewicz

Xander Gibson

Xander is a junior at GSMST and is extremely excited to co-dais for General Assembly First, as this will be his first time as a dais. He has competed at several collegiate conferences and recently won an award at GSUMUNC 2018. Xander currently serves as a Junior Officer for the GSMST Model UN team. He is looking forward to sharing his enthusiasm for MUN with all the delegates he encounters at GSMSTMUNC VI!

General Assembly Third

Arnav Jain

Zabi Dessalegn

World Health Organization

Claire Snelgrove

As Claire's second time daising WHO, she in incredibly enthusiastic to be in this committee and hear strong debate this year. For the past two years, Claire has found a family in MUN and worked hard to grow in her public speaking and debate skills. She has also found a passion for foreign affairs. Claire looks forward to passing many unique resolutions this September.

Niti Jani

Niti is thrilled to be a co-dais for the first time at GSMSTMUNC and is excited to serve as a Junior Officer on the GSMST Model UN Team. MUN is a way for Niti to express her thoughts and opinions about international issues. She has attended various collegiate conferences and aspires to be a better delegate after each one. She hopes to inspire other delegates to speak their minds and to collaborate with others to come up with innovative solutions.

Security Council

Jonas Baker

Dakin O'Rouke


Daniel Hong

Sean Lynch

Sean is enthusiastic to be a co-dais at GSMSTMUNC VI. As a delegate from GSMSTMUNC V, he is zealous to invite new people to Model United Nations, as others did for him only a year ago. Model UN has been a way to make something he and others can be proud of. Sean has used his skills in Model UN to improve his academic and social life, even allowing him to become a junior officer in his school’s Model UN club