Rules of Procedure & Awards

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frequently asked questions

Q: Are laptops allowed?

A: Yes, laptops are allowed at GSMSTMUNC. However, laptop usage is restricted to unmoderated caucuses or outside of committee

Q: Is foreign attire allowed?

A: Yes, foreign attire is allowed in the spirit of celebrating cultural diversity and in upholding our theme of "Infinite Possibilities". However, it must be generally conservative in essence and cannot be overly distracting.

Q: What are observer delegations?

A: Observer Delegations have all the powers of a normal country except they do not wield the power to vote on resolutions.

GSMSTMUNC Rules Of Procedure.pdf


The following categories of awards will be given at GSMSTMUNCIV:

General Assemblies 1st, 3rd, and WHO:

  • Outstanding Delegate (1)
  • Honorable Mention (1)
  • Commendable Position Paper (2)

Crisis and Security Council:

  • Outstanding Delegate (1)
  • Honorable Mention (1)
  • Commendable Position Paper (1)

Overall Delegations:

Note: Large delegations are those countries that can have eight delegates maximum (i.e. Argentina, China), and small delegations are those countries that can have seven delegates maximum (i.e. Romania, Zimbabwe).

  • Outstanding Large Delegation (1)
  • Outstanding Small Delegation (1)

Our Award Policy:

  • We award delegates based on their best adherence to their nation's true policy instead of their individual beliefs.
  • Within double delegations, we give awards based on best overall cooperation and teamwork between the delegates. For instance, if there were delegates representing one country in a General Assembly and one of the delegates was outstanding while his partner was not as participatory in committee, we would rather reward representatives in which both partners contributed a significant amount to committee.
  • Though we value speech and rhetoric talent, we value determination, effort, and participation more.