10th Annual Dublin Girl Scouts Knitting Clinic

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Why hold a Knitting Clinic?

In 2011, the Knitting Clinic was born out of support for Cadette Troop Leader Liza Magee as she went through treatment for Leukemia. It also allows Dublin Girl Scouts to participate in the annual “Make a Difference Day” program. This has proudly become an annual event, where we all make a difference by gathering to teach and learn knitting and then giving our knit donations to the James Cancer Hospital and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

What kinds of knitting can you do?

Instruction will be provided for finger knitting, loom knitting, and needle knitting. Feel free to try one or all styles! You can use these knitting methods to make many things, but our emphasis is on teaching to make hats that can be donated to those battling cancer. There is also information on how to use finger knitting to create cancer awareness pins.

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Don't think the younger girls will be able to knit?

There is something for everyone. Kindergarteners and first graders pick up finger knitting pretty quickly. By second grade, looms are a great choice. Come and learn something new!

Donating Completed Projects

Once you’ve learned how to knit, finish your creations and drop them off to Carina by February 1, 2021. All items will be donated to The James Cancer Hospital and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

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