Training Course on New Technologies in Education (2007)

The Training Course on New Technologies in Education, a first result of the partnership among our institutions, the Iste’dod Foundation of the President of the Republic (Uzbekistan) and the University of Malaga.

In this course we are going to see the fundamental elements to carry out online courses based on virtual platforms. Our perspective is utterly based on the praxis and we expect that at the end of the course, the participants have developed their own course, either individually or in groups.

The academic staff in charge of this course, -the Department of Research Methods and Educative Innovation, and GTEA (Research Group on New Technologies Applied to Education)- feels proud of being able to share with the representatives from Iste’dod its experience in educational innovation research, postgraduate training online, and usage of network and virtual environments applied to the teaching and learning process.

Course timetable

The face-to-face lessons will last from May 28th till June 15th. Practical work can be later continued online from Uzbekistan.


Teaching staff or technicians using Internet and networks environments for online learning and teaching.


• Strategies for IT implementation in educational environments

• Innovation and learning design

• Analysis and evaluation of e-learning platforms and tools

• Basics of user-centred, e-learning platforms design and development, according to recent trends in online teaching.

Course Content

The course content is structured following the dynamic of the main stages of any online teaching intervention:

• Pedagogical aspects of online courses

• Course design

• Designing and making the education resources to be the handed out

• Setting up a course on line

Credits assigned

The course has 80 hours duration (40 in face-to-face seminars and 40 online)