Year Two, episode seven: the Size Riot contest seems to be a... maybe not a relentless juggernaut, but definitely a scooter coasting downhill.

The theme of July's writing contest was voted on in two rounds: one round of nominations for topics, and here we learned what the readers of size-fantasy literature want to read. I'm personally surprised that no one mentioned "feet." I was expecting that to sweep the categories. I mean, we're all into this, right?

But no, after all the topics were suggested and nominations were closed, it was time to vote on these. "Butts" got one-third of all nominations, followed by "New World Order," so it seemed reasonable that one of them would survive the last round. I solicited voters from Twitter, Tumblr, Giantess City, DeviantArt, and the mailing list. (I don't actively post on Facebook but my blog reposts there; I forgot to push it on Instagram), and 135 people turned out to choose three of their favorite topics out of a list of 30-something.

The result is Growth: stories should highlight the process of someone becoming larger, as opposed to the story taking off when they've reached their destined height. Of course, each writer can interpret this however they like, all I can do is announce the theme and trust fate. Nine people signed up before the topic was selected, and in the first seven hours of announcing this, seven more have joined. May the oddity ever be in your fetish.