Complete systems to grow high-density, affordable food, indoors, year round - in the world's most challenging locations.

Food Security Structures Canada

Works with remote northern communities and other food desert regions of the world facing food insecurity. We provide a scale-able, combination of protected, earth covered Agrocapsule enclosure and eco-friendly, high density, aeroponic farming systems.

This allows hyper-local, fresh food to be grown locally with weekly harvests, year round, in the harshest regions of the world.

We create a sustainable, local, economic model in a community, bringing together "green" job opportunities, food security and waste reduction.....

A scalable community solution to this growing community crisis.

Unique, strong, lightweight Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) or Pre-Insulated Panel (PIP) technology. Stack-able panels that are assembled onsite by hand, without the need for heavy equipment. These lightweight panels can be easily transported into the remotest of regions of the world by plane, boat, vehicle or sled. This strong, insulated, air tight enclosure can be quickly assembled within an existing building or placed outside where it is then covered in a warm protective blanket of locally available ground cover for full weather protection and lower heating costs.

Year round growing, full humidity/temperature control, water reduction/re-use and CO2 injection are all working in harmony for optimal food security for your community 365 days a year.

A Complete Growing System Installed On Site

  1. The Structure - Agrocapsules - Modular GMH Technology FRP design is used for housing and shelter around the world in all weather conditions. Fire rated and hurricane/tornado proof.

  2. Vertical Grow Walls - Aeroponics, using 90% less water than soil based plants and able to produce more than 1.8 harvests per month. Our walls and lights operate at 24VDC and allow for OFF-GRID growing.

  3. Lighting System - Low voltage, low wattage "Wide Spectrum" LED grow lights offer long life, are light weight and allow 24 hour operation for faster yields. Plants also respond with better water retention and faster CO2 uptake at a cellular level. Our exclusive wide spectrum lighting can reduce pests and mold growth issues.

  4. Anaerobic Biodigester - A better solution than composting, biodigestion consumes all of the plant and food waste generated on site and converts it into clean burning, safe biogas for heating and added CO2 the process also creates a nutrient rich, liquid organic fertilizer for the plants. This carbon neutral process reduces the overall demand on the structure for other carbon generating heating and nutrient sources.

  5. CO2 Injection - the airtight design allows us to raise the CO2 content within the entire Agrocapsule to better match the needs of the plants being grown inside. Increased CO2 can speed up plant growth and produce production by 25%-50%.

Anaerobic Biodigester

Converts food waste and plant scraps into organic fertilizer and clean burning, carbon neutral biogas to be used for Agrocapsule additional heating and supplemental CO2. This reduces the overall need for chemical fertilizers and minerals and, using less electricity or fossil fuel for heating reduces your communities carbon footprint generated to grow food.

Local Job Creation & Training

Using local labour for construction, Food Security Structures Canada (F.S.S.C.) helps develop new skills in GMH construction and organically grown, indoor farming, providing long term job opportunities for future builds in other communities as well as full time, year round on site operations personnel.

Educational partnership agreements are being developed to provide certification training on our systems with some of Canada's leading agricultural schools and universities.

Food insecurity is one of the greatest challenges facing the Canadian North today.

Grow Food In The North

Humans need high calorie, protein rich fruits and vegetables like potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, beans, micro-greens, kale and cabbage for proper health.

Our Food Security Structures are scale-able from 1000 sq. ft to 100,000 sq. ft. We provide the ability to grow soil based as well as aeroponically grown fruits and vegetables in the North.

These are NOT cold, used, shipping containers with narrow sides and low ceilings, converted to grow lettuce. Our structures can be any length, are 3.35m high, up to 7m wide and can be quickly assembled to any length. These unique modular panel Agrotunnels can accommodate raised soil growing beds for high caloric vegetables and fruits not possible in typical hydroponic or aeroponic systems.

The high ceilings and year round growing season inside our Food Security Structures could even allow for self pollinating, potted dwarf fruit trees like Meyer Lemon and Kafir Lime to be grown...also goose berries, figs, dwarf apples and highbush blueberries, mulberries, strawberries and more.

This food insecurity impacts children the most.

The latest data from the 2015-2016 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) demonstrates that household food insecurity remains a serious problem in Canada, with the prevalence ranging from 10.2% in British Columbia to 50.8% in Nunavut.

In remote regions, lack of fresh food availability and high cost are the 2 main causes of food insecurity.

Even with all of today's technological and logistical advances, we cannot bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the people in a timely, consistent or cost effective manner from the South.

Food prices are expected to continue to rise as much as 11%-15% in the coming years.

Traditional greenhouse initiatives in the north experience short growing seasons due to the extreme climate and are thus limited in the volume and diversity of produce they can generate.

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