Enhance the Source of Canadian Sugar

Join the CSBPA in their effort to establish a Domestic Sugar Policy, encouraging the growth and viability of the sugar beet industry and a 100% Canadian product.

Food Security

Providing access to a fully Canadian, ethically sourced, and sustainable product. Less imports. More local.

Improved Competitiveness

International cane farmers currently hold 90% of the Canadian sugar market. Let's even it out for our local growers.

Economic & Rural Development

Creating jobs in rural areas and supporting the development of small communities.



Relieving economic pressure from oil and gas to agriculture, all while providing opportunities for the crop to expand nationally.

Reduction in Climate Change Impacts

Canadian sugar beets have been verified as sustainably grown and produced. It's time to see our groceries filled with a product that provides economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Increased Gross

Domestic Product

Sugar beets are a high-value crop. By increasing the number of acres grown in Canada, we will see an increase in GDP contribution from our agriculture industries.

"To have the Government of Canada implement a domestic sugar policy that will prioritize the production of beet sugar."

Sugar beet crop grown outside of Bow Island, Alberta.

Alberta Sugar Beet Industry Impacts

With a domestic sugar policy, these numbers could increase by 100% +


Canadian Market Share


Acres Grown


Tonnes of Sugar



$50 Million

Labor Income

$248 Million

Economic Contribution

Industry Sustainability

Sugar beets grown for Canadian consumption were verified as sustainably grown and produced at the FSA Silver Level using the SAI Platform FSA.

The Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) enables food and drink businesses to assess, improve, and validate on-farm sustainability. Assessments are independently audited and cover 17 fundamental components of sustainable agriculture.

This verification confirms that our growers are managing their resources to achieve a sustainable farming operation that benefits the environment, economy, and people. Not only does this verification apply to how our sugar beets are grown, but it also applies to the farmer's entire operation.

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