NY State's 8-County Congressional District, spanning from WNY to the Finger Lakes Region
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A Modern Day "Phone Tree"

Imagine an old-fashioned "phone tree" using modern technology.

That gives you an idea of how NY-27 Grassroots Network will work. It is something new for NY-27 and it is run entirely by volunteers, separately from Nate McMurray’s campaign. We have initiated this network to organically and exponentially grow Nate's base of support through person-to-person contact across our entire Congressional District. In doing so, we believe that it will also strengthen our commitment to one another and to the values we hold as a nation.

We would love for you to be a part of it!

Please note that while we encourage members of the Grassroots Network to contribute financially to Nate’s campaign, we do not do so as an organization. Also, your privacy is important to us and your contact information will not be shared by us with the campaign.

Get to Know Nate McMurray

We will help people to see for themselves what Nate stands for, how his character sets him apart from most politicians, how he stands in his truth without bending to the political establishment, and how he will fight for the citizens of NY-27.

We also want to educate people about Nate’s opponent - Chris Jacobs and his public record. He ran as a full-on Trump supporter, which was evident in his many campaign commercials that falsely portrayed Nate’s policy positions. Chris Jacobs continues to hold the Trump line with his recent votes in Congress, including voting in favor of using our taxpayer dollars to pay for Trump’s lawyers to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with no replacement in sight. All DURING a PANDEMIC that has killed 226K+ Americans and forced 30 million people out of work, most without healthcare coverage.

Join Our Grassroots Network!

Our ultimate goal by October 2020 is to reach the outer edges of civic engagement. We want to engage people who need more information about the current state of politics in NY-27, haven’t met Nate, or are just plain tired of Trump. The NY-27 Grassroots Network will enable you to seek out and find like-minded people in your area who also want to see real representation in our district.

Our effort will only be successful if many people just like you participate and help us branch out into the community.

Please join our Grassroots Network!