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We are a team of marketing strategists, designers, branding specialists, digital traders and growth hackers. 

Our knowledge of digital worlds combined with insights from psychology makes us unique in supporting companies in their customer acquisition.

The credo of our advertising agency

Here are the five rules we follow at our agencies in Second Life to ensure your survival in these unsteady territories.

01. Always remember to be human

02. Ambitions are not strategies

03. Data beats opinion

04. If it can be automated, it will be

05. The user is always right

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Greetings and welcome to Grid Wide Advertising Service information page.

We make our marketing knowledge available with easy-to-use products within Second Life.

Our main goal is focusing on what's best for you and your Business!

Using our Grid Wide System there is no need to register or join a group. 

Although we recommend that you join our group to get help and special offers that no other SL agency provides.

These tools provides a valuable asset that no business should be without.

We provide Grid Wide Ads Terminals to rent weekly with a fix price and no hidden costs.

Advertising in Second Life using our Ad Terminals is easy. 

The user friendly Terminals are equipped with a menu with all the necessary information and with easy step by step instructions.

The Ads Terminals look like a standard ATM, conveniently located in several of our centers.

Contact us today to advertise everywhere and reach your target audience.


Grid Wide Billboard Service:  Display and distribute LM and anything you want to distribute.

Group Chat Service:  We send Chat to Ad Groups once per hour.

Grid  Wide  Billboard  Service

up to 300 Billboards

Billboard Terminal

Advert up to 300 Billboards

Imagine being able to transmit your promotions to 300s of sim's across Second Life grid. Plus, have the ability to manage them all from one single Ads Terminal that you rent just like a standard adboard. 

We currently have up to 300 Grid Wide AD Billboards throughout SL which includes, 10 x 8m, Billboards and local ad boards, 3 x 3m. 

Our strategy is to buy and/or rent plots along the roads in SL so you have the best access to advertising.

At the moment, the service price starts at 300 L$ a week, which breaks down to one linden per Billboard. This is unheard of, in the advertising industry.

Approval process may take up to 24 hours:  

We need to be sure contents of advertisements respects the rules of Second Life.

We care about our customers, the timer will start on the Terminal only after the approval of the image. 

In case of errors or unapproved images, we will contact you immediately.  You will be able to fix/change them. 

If you do not reply with in 3 days or post an image that does not comply with SL Rules, a refund will not be possible but only a replacement of the image.

We offer 100% Customer Support.

Billboard Terminal Instruction 

Right click on the Terminal to get the menu - than left click to pay.

Once prompted - hold down the "ctrl"key, "left mouse button" and (fullperm) the "texture(s)"  all at the same time to be able to drag items onto Billboard Terminal. 

Repeat the process to add the landmark(s) and/or Notecard into the Billboard Terminal. (LM and Texture is the minimum required)

Avoid using alpha textures because transparency are difficult to be seen and to click on. 

It will take approximately 24 hours for an approval notice.

Advertisements must follow Linden Labs policy for appropriate standards.

As soon as your advertisement is approved you will receive an instant message. At that time it will be displaying in our network.

In case the texture does not comply with the SL rules we will contact you and give you the option to change it (not a problem at all), 

If you do not agree or do not send us a replacement texture, we can and will refuse a refund and terminate your contract with us.

We care about our customer. The Terminal (rental) timer will only start after, it has been approved.


- Not political in nature.

- Adult stores and/or clubs they are prohibited!

- Ad content may not be designed to specifically harass or annoy other Second Life Residents.

Group  Chat Bot  Service

up to 300 Chat Groups

ChatBot Terminal

Advert up to 300 Groups

Automatic Chat Bot Service.

ChatBot Terminal is user friendly, it allows you to set up your ad and maintain up-to-date promotions any time you want!

The Terminal sends your promotions out in 42 groups, once every hour followed up with group chat instant messages, they are non stop until the lease expires. 

You may be able to combine the different bots and groups into one Terminal. (Only on Request)

The price will vary depending on how many groups you want the message sent to. 

It is also possible to change the time when the ad(s) is published (you choose the minute of the hour).

This means 1008 chat advertisement sent each day, which, combined  is 7056 chat a week!

We offer 100% Customer Support.

Chat Bot Terminal Instruction

Updating your Notecard

To update your nc, select "ADD" on the Terminal menu to drop in your nc.

You may upload 12 notecards at once, with the option to choose which one to publish.

FRIENDLY REMINDER when you click "RESET" it will CLEAR everything from the Terminal/bot.

If you forget to add a notecard with promotions it will automatically use your personal profile link.

Guidelines on Notecard

Your text will need to be 25 lines or less, with a maximum of 690 characters (draws and spaces are counted).

The SL script can only read a max 255 characters for a line and total 690 characters. Remember to keep your messages under 690 characters per nc. 

One way to check if your notecard is within the guidelines is to put the notecard in the Notecard Reader. They are located on each floor. It will count the lines and characters for you!

TEXT and SLURL will only work on the ncs. Your promotion will not be recognized if you add landmarks or other items to that notecard(s).

Notecard Reader

Please Test Your AD Notecard First!

If you have to many Lines, Characters and some Symbols it can crash the Chat Bot Terminal, because it exceeds the memory limit of the script!

To prevent this submit your notecard into the Notecard Reader and it will do the counting for you.

You may find them on every floor!

It will count the lines and characters for you!

To Check if your Notecard is Running

For each category you will find the list of groups in the center of the room. You may join the varies groups from the Bot(s),  

Open the group chat to see your advertisement is displayed. The Terminal will display a hovertex, indicating it is sending the message.

Each Bots' Terminals have different groups.  For best results it is encouraged to rent a terminal for each bot to hit more groups.

Trouble Shooting

Be sure to double check that your nc doesn't have to many lines or characters or certain symbols that can crash the Chat Bot Terminal. 

 Advertising Research Process.

A Necessity for Every Business!

Have you ever wondered why do you choose some products over the others? 

What makes some products as your favourites? 

The answer to all such questions is:

“The way a product or service is presented decides their acceptance and life”.

Advertising plays a crucial role in the successful implementation of any new idea. 

Moreover, what you present is less impactful than how you present. 

Hence, the term “Advertising Research Process”.

What is Advertising Research Process? 

It is a detailed analysis of various marketing aspects to formulate a result-oriented advertising campaign. An advertising research process helps you understand the attitudinal pattern of the target audience and customers’ action/reaction.

Further, the main goal of any advertising research process is to design an effective campaign that is competent enough to build a strong brand image and acquire maximum selling profits.

Benefits of Advertising Research Process

Steps of an Advertising Research Process 

Before a company rolls out their promotional campaign, it should follow the following steps for better results:

Following these steps can help a marketer make most out of their advertisement campaign and rule the market.


Billboard Server Room