Frequently Asked Questions

Education Technology

1. Is it compulsory to solve all the questions asked in the assignment?

Yes, you have to solve all the questions. If you’re stuck anywhere revise the concepts and go through similar examples and solutions from the textbook and the solution manual. If you’re still stuck; mention it in the email and send rest of the work.

2. I have completed my assignment. How to submit it?

In case of hand written solutions, generate a single PDF with solutions arranged in proper sequence. You can use CamScanner (Mobile App) to generate the PDF from the images. Double check before you revert back with the work for improper Auto Crops and Sequence mismatch.

3. How many questions do I have to solve daily/weekly?

There is no minimum or maximum number of questions to be solved. More you solve, more you learn and earn!

4. What is Feedback?

You will get regular feedbacks received from Clients and Quality Control Team. Take the feedbacks positively to improvise.

5. What is Rating?

Based on your performance and feedbacks received from Clients and our Quality Check Team you would be evaluated and rated on a scale of 5.

6. Why is Rating important?

Maintaining a good rating would ensure you of more sessions that you would be getting and thus giving you the scope of learning and earning more.

7. What if I am not available after confirming a session?

In such cases, inform us as early as possible. Such situations would affect your Ratings and we strictly recommend you to avoid such situations.

8. What if I am stuck with a question during the session?

If you are stuck anywhere, inform us immediately. Meanwhile continue solving the rest.

9. What is the Key to Success for complete client satisfaction?

Time/Speed: Speedy solutions are must.

Accuracy: The work done must be absolutely correct and free of errors.

Presentation: Neat, Clean and Easy to read work would ensure better work Delivery.

Adhere to the Instructions under all circumstances.

10. What are the things required before i start a session (Solving Kit)?

  • Scientific calculator, clipboard, enough blank A4 sheets, black/blue pen.

  • The mentioned textbook (would be shared via google drive), sol. manual.

  • A Smartphone with WhatsApp, good camera, active internet and CamScanner.

11. What will be the duration of my Involvement?

You can continue the work as long as you want, provided the work meets the standards of satisfaction.

12. Will I get certificate/experience letter for the period of employment?

Yes, you will get a certificate/experience letter for your period of involvement.


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Information Technology Enabled Services

1. How to know the computer parts provided is genuine or not?

If a new part is replaced in your computer then we provide the product package and also the warranty bills within it.

2. When will I get my product?

If we have detected your computer fault on real time then we can verify you the delivery date. Or else, we need time to inspect the fault and then only we can give you the repair or replace quotes and also the delivery date.

3. Do you provide warranty on your services?

Yes! we give warranty on our every services. If the product(which has been repaired or replaced by us) has any fault during the warranty period then we will not charge you for fixing that fault.

4. Will I get a prior estimation on the repair?

Yes you would get a prior estimation on the repair. Just we need some time to detect the fault and then tell you the estimation.

5. How can I pay or do you accept online payment method?

Yes! We accept every kind of payments methods whether its cash or net banking or any online payments.

6. Will I get a details of the charges involved?

Yes! You would get complete details of your charges involved.

7. How do you provide Home Service?

First, you have to call our customer representative and tell detailed info about the issue. And then our customer representative will discuss and fix a date of appointment. Then our technician will visit your place on the scheduled date and time. He will inspect the issues if it is fixable at that moment. Or if not then our technician would take the computer with him and call you if the problem has been inspected and tell you the overall estimation for repairing (if possible) and replacement. After that its up to you that you to avail services from us if not then we would return your product without any fee.

7. How many revision do you offer on creating website?

Generally users get 2-3 revisions to get their desired work done. But if you are not satisfied then you can get up to 5 revisions.

8. How do you provide the logo?

After finalizing the logo, we provide it with psd format or ai format as demanded by the client.

9. Do you only create or also print Banner and Poster?

Yes! We also print along designing. You can provide us the design and we can tell you the cost for printing it. Charges for making and printings are different which vary with the customers need.