Welfare Officer

Rev David Haywood, GMVC Welfare Officer.

I am one of the new boys from the old Moira MVC and I joined GMVC in the Bass section about a year ago (2018).

It is a great privilege to be in the choir and I do enjoy greatly our times together.

I have offered to the exec to be the Welfare Officer for the Gresley Male Voice Choir and I shall endeavour to care for the Pastoral need of us all. So if you know of someone who is not well and maybe appreciate a visit at home or in hospital or even just a greetings card, then I am available to the choir. Hopefully my care will extend to wives as well if they are not well and would like a visit. I would sooner know two or three times than miss someone who needs a chat, so don’t be afraid to ask.

It is a new role within the choir and I thought it would take a bit of pressure off Derek, our Secretary in sending cards to members from the exec and the choir. As a new role I’m not sure how it will grow and develop but I suppose that’s up to the choir how much they use me or not. But I want to assure the whole choir of the importance of confidentiality and that I would not share anything with other members of the choir anything that I hear.

You can talk to me on Fridays at Rehearsal or my home phone is 01530 588752;

my mobile is 07969 980789 and my email is david.haywood27@virginmedia.com

I am here for the needs of the choir and for the individuals who make up the choir.

David Haywood, 17th February, 2019