I teach innovation, entrepreneurship, organization, strategy, and socioeconomics.

Graduate Courses (A to Z)

  • Business Planning, Exercise (in English), Instructor
  • Business Project, Project Course (in English), Co-Instructor
  • Change Management in the Public Sector, Seminar (in German), Instructor
  • Concepts for Strategic Management, Seminar (in German), Co-Instructor
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Garage: Business Model Development, Lecture with Exercise (in English), Co-Instructor
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Seminar (in English), Teaching Assistant
  • Entrepreneurship Lab: Start-Up Simulation, Lecture with Exercise (in German), Co-Instructor
  • Innovation Lab: Smart Innovation, Lecture with Exercise (in German), Co-Instructor
  • Organization and Strategic Management, Seminar (in English), Teaching Assistant
  • Organization Theory, Seminar (in German), Instructor
  • Power and Influence: Leadership in Action, Seminar (in English), Teaching Assistant
  • Work and Organization, Project Course (in English), Instructor
  • Writing Ethnographic and other Qualitative/Interpretive Research, Seminar (in English), Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate Courses (A to Z)

  • Basics of Business and Corporate Management, Lecture (in German), Grading Assistant
  • Economic Sociology, Lecture with Exercise (in German), Instructor
  • Innovation Management and Marketing, Lecture with Exercise (in German), Co-Instructor
  • Management: A Problem-oriented Introduction, Lecture (in German), Instructor
  • Management: A Problem-oriented Introduction, Exercise (in German), Instructor
  • Organization Theory, Lecture (in German), Instructor
  • Organization Theory, Exercise (in German), Instructor
  • Political and Organizational Governance of Innovation in the Digital Age, Seminar (in German), Instructor
  • Practice of Process Management, Lecture with Exercise (in German), Instructor