Greiner Group


Greiner Group is a collaboration of professionals from the IT, Telecom, Project Management, Marketing, and Business Continuity industries. Our consulting and technical staff brings more than a century's combined experience to organizations of the business, government, health care, and non-profit sectors.


Complete Assessment & Plan Design

Assess of your actual historic and anticipated usage of cell phones, tablets, satellite phones, wireless data cards, and pages - and their rates, plans, text messages and features. Co-design flexible, yet definable communications programs to meet your requirements.

Negotiate & Provide Recommendations

Negotiate appropriate discounts and rates with providers and suppliers. Recommendations will be presented and, with your permission, implementation process begins with the most effective and efficient business usage plans, progress and policies available.

Implementation & Continual Support

Implements a clear self-management communications business plan for your staff. Execute off-site management as a consulting partner for your communications plan. We also provide the day-to-day management of Wireless devices on a per device fee tailored to your needs.