CG-I Love Math

Redefine your math instruction using apps including Seesaw, Flipgrid, and screencasting! Learn how to build a student-centered, engaging, and positive mathematics classroom that incorporates 21st century skills. Find out WHY and HOW you can support your learners in becoming mathematicians.

CGI Math- Empson

CG-I Love Math EdTechTeam Summit

Seesaw- Intro video

Log in as a Student

1. Head over to Seesaw

2. Sign in---select “I’m a student”

3. Scan the QR code. You’re in!


1. Take a photo or select Add File to use an existing photo

2. Add to your photo-

  • First Name
  • Grade/Level
  • School/City
  • Aha Moment from the Summit

3. Bonus! Submit a link to a favorite YouTube video.

Seesaw Help Center

Video Tutorials

Flipgrid- Intro video

Use code KIRSTING for a 45 day free trial of Flipgrid Classroom!

1. Head over to Flipgrid. Enter grid code greigoc

2. Click on the OC Summit Topic

3. Click the green plus

4. Check your audio and camera permissions--click the lock in the toolbar if you can't record

5. Post a video sharing one awesome tech tip you have learned this weekend!

6. Take a selfie and post your video to our Grid

7. Check out all the shared tips

Flipgrid Resources

Discovery Library

Screencastify - Chrome Extension

1. Install the extension

2. Allow camera access

3. Set up to save screencasts to Google Drive

4. Choose a math problem to explain in your screencast. There's one ready to go in the slide deck.

Video Ideas

iPad Options: