CG-I Love Math

Redefine your math instruction using apps including Seesaw, Flipgrid, and screencasting! Learn how to build a student-centered, engaging, and positive mathematics classroom that incorporates 21st century skills. Find out WHY and HOW you can support your learners in becoming mathematicians.

CGI Math- Empson

Log in as a Student

1. Head over to Seesaw

2. Sign in---select “I’m a student”

3. Use class code AVTF ZNBC


1. Take a photo or select Add File to use an existing photo

2. Add to your photo-

  • First Name
  • Grade/Level
  • School/City

3. Bonus! Submit a link to a favorite YouTube video.

Seesaw Help Center

Video Tutorials

1. Head over to

2. Click on the CMC-South topic

3. Click the green plus

4. Check your audio and camera permissions--click the lock in the toolbar if you can't record

5. Post a video sharing one awesome thing you have learned this weekend!

6. Take a selfie and post your video to our Grid

7. Check out all the shared ideas

Flipgrid Resources

Discovery Library

Screencastify - Chrome Extension

1. Install the extension

2. Allow camera access

3. Set up to save screencasts to Google Drive

4. Choose a math problem to explain in your screencast. There's one ready to go in the slide deck.

Video Ideas

iPad Options: