Green Tennis Club Safety Plan

Green Tennis Club COVID-19 Safety Plan

At Green Tennis Club, we recognize that these are perilous times and that the safety of our community is our primary concern. We will do all we can to create a safe environment for everyone.

The Center for Disease Control has offered guidelines to follow in order to practice good hygiene. These practices includes getting vaccinated, washing your hands with soap and water, using hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face, sneeze or cough into a tissue, disinfect frequently used items and surfaces often and use face coverings while in public. Of particular note people who feel sick should stay home and not go out in public. Finally, it is strongly recommended that social distancing be practiced.

We believe that these guidelines offer sound advice and should serve as the foundation for our plan for ensuring the safety of all. When we open our doors, these policies and procedures will be implemented. However, this plan will be adjusted over time as conditions change. Included below are the details for our safety plan:


Please stay home if you have a fever, exhibit any other symptoms of illness, have been exposed to someone who is ill or have traveled within the last 14 days. Only players will be allowed in our facility. We ask that family members and spectators remain outside.

Hygiene Practices

We encourage you to wash your hands thoroughly on a continuing basis. Alternatively, hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the tennis club and we encourage regular use of this material.


Please pay before entering the courts. We encourage you to prepay; however, payment by credit card, cash or check is acceptable.

Social Distancing

Please observe social distancing at all times and stay at least 6 feet away from everyone else. Markers will be placed inside the club to assist you in maintaining the proper distance.

Please do not sit or congregate in the waiting area and note that our kitchen will be closed. Customers may wait in their cars until their sessions begin and proceed directly to their court if they have prepaid.

Our locker room will be available. The sinks and toilets will be operational but the showers and lockers will be closed.

Court Usage

To start your session, please walk to your court behind the curtains located to your right or south side of the building. As you end your session, please walk behind the curtains on your right or the north side of the building. For open court time, please bring or purchase new balls for your use. Please bring your own water or drinks and note that food is never allowed on the court. The seats and scorecards will be removed from the courts. The ball carts and hoppers will not be available except for private lessons and drills. Please keep the nets dividing the courts closed at all times.

If you wish to use the Ball Machine please contact us ahead of time and reserve its use. You will be responsible for picking up balls with a hopper and placing balls in the machine.

Facility Cleaning

A cleaning schedule will be in place across the club. Employees will clean equipment and surfaces after each usage. Doors will remain open throughout the tennis club to avoid the need for touching these surfaces.

Employee Assistance

Our employees are responsible for the health and safety standards implemented in the tennis club and will provide information and guidance to customers regarding these policies. Our employees will ensure that their hands are sanitized and will wear a mask to lessen the chance of infecting others. We will work to minimize the risk to all by continually cleaning surfaces and reducing the amount of contact with all the equipment.