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GS Server includes ASCOM telescope support and the Synta Protocol for SkyWatcher and Orion mounts: EQ8, EQ8-R, HDX110, AZ-EQ5GT, Sirius Pro AZ/EQ-G, AZ-EQ6GT, Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G, EQ6-R PRO, NEQ6, HEQ5, EQ5, EQ4, AzGTi.

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Latest Version: Download GS Server v1.0.1 Released 21 Mar 2020

Previous Version: Download GS Server v1.0.0.27 Released 15 Mar 2020

Previous Version: Download GS Server v1.0.0.26 Released 25 Feb 2020

C2019 Y4 (ATLAS) by Nor Schramm


  • Autohome process for mount with home sensors
  • New Dec guiding alternative
  • PEC support for mounts that support PPEC
  • GPS NMEA support for lat/long/elevation information
  • CdC push/pull for Observatory locations
  • Local DarkSky weather conditions
  • PHD2 plotting along with pulse information
  • ChartViewer for viewing plots after sessions
  • Take and save observing notes
  • Session, Error, and Monitor logs for troubleshooting
  • Built in simulator for testing
  • Synthesized voice commands
  • No Sleep Mode to keep screensaver off
  • Monitor raw mount commands live
  • Gamepad support
  • 3d model representation of mount position
  • Multiple park positions
  • Full and half current tracking for battery power source
  • Theme support with primary and secondary colors

Windows Support

      • Windows that support .NET Framework 4.6.1 with either preinstall or separate install
      • Windows 10
      • Windows 8.1 (separate install )
      • Windows 8 (separate install )
      • Windows 7 SP1 (separate install )
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and up

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