Free Little Library

Green Schools Foundation, Green Local Schools and the City of Green teamed up to make the "Free Little Library" a reality! The dedication took place on April 16, 2019 at Central Park. GSF President Mark Herdlick and Mayor Neugebauer welcomed the students. Huge thanks to Mrs. Nicodemo and Mrs. Sears and the GIS students, Caden Trizzino, Gavin Pickard, Cohen Lynch, Dominic Stewart, Jason Hill, Jeffrey Miller, Aiden Brueck, Grayson Crosier, Sam Matos, Molly Rutherford, Caroline Witmer, Maybree Garrott, Emily Graham, Sam Robinson, Ella Mattes, Mia Willis, Ella Marochino and Kaylin Wolford for their participation and donated selections! Visitors to the park can relax and read and then leave the book for another. It is a great program. The Green Schools Foundation will be providing funds for additional books!

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