Academic Classroom Grants

Green Schools Foundation Teacher Grants

The foundation is proud of a long tradition in supporting staff which in turn supports students throughout the year, throughout the district.

Each year, the Green Schools Foundation awards several thousand dollars for teacher and staff grant requests.

The grants provide an opportunity for staff to fund projects that will enhance student learning opportunities.

Characteristics of funded grants are include:

• Emphasize student engagement

• Creative and innovative

• Green community-oriented

• Beyond routine budgeted items

• Promote academic excellence for all students

Staff are encouraged to present their grants in a display form each year at the Celebration of Education.

Preference is given to staff who are members of the Foundation.

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 GSF Teacher Grants, totalling $5,672.14

Scott Aten & Amanda Popovich; GHS

Wrenn Nicodemon; GIS and GMS

Krista Seals & MTSS Committee; GMS

Sally Stevenhagen; GMS

Wendy Shocklee; GIS

Joe Trizzino; GIS

Pam Anderson; GIS

Tess Mainoe, Katie Watts, Katie DeSmith and Kim Sabo; GWD

Brooke Schon; GWD

2016 Grant Recipients

GSF Grant Application Fall 18

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