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Therapeutic counselling for Bridgwater and Somserset

Professional, private counselling for adults.

Alex Archer, MBACP (Reg.) , Dip.Couns

Thank you for visiting my counselling website . My practice - Green Lodge Counselling is based in Wembdon, Bridgwater. I provide personal counselling services to adults. I am a Person Centred counsellor and an anxiety and depression therapist offering support to clients when they need counselling help.

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I welcome enquires. If you would like know more please see the contact details page and choose your preferred way of getting in touch. I reply to all enquiries as soon as possible.

Therapeutic Counselling

Life can 'knock us sideways' . Sometimes we just can't make sense of it. Consequently our emotional well being and mental health can suffer. What ever the reason you are seeking help, I counsel men and women and offer understanding, respect and empathy. In our sessions together you have a confidential and safe space to explore your situation and feelings.

I am by nature a good listener, compassionate and don't judge. I think it very important that you feel supported, heard and understood.

Finding the right counsellor for you is an important first step towards healing. This is a reason why I offer a free initial session. This first session gives the opportunity to look at how we can work together and explore the reasons that have brought you to counselling. We look at what you want to achieve from counselling.

Professional counselling services

Being a counselling professional I am a registered member of the BACP. My approach is Person Centred . I work one to one and face to face. I have a down to earth style and jargon free way of working. In the simplest sense I walk besides you in a journey of healing.

Relationship counselling

We all have our unique story and experiences. Additionally, I have often found themes come up in the therapy room that may have affected many of us at one point or another - for example issues around anxiety, depression, loss, bereavement, loneliness, work, health, self esteem, relationships etc.. Relationship issues often are a reoccurring theme. This could be the relationship we have with ourselves, our partner or the relationship we have with family members, money, alcohol, work, sex, food, authority etc..

I work individually with adult clients (i.e. 18+) and currently do not offer couples counselling.

Counselling for Men

I counsel women and men. Its widely recognised that women are better at discussing their problems and getting help and support when they need it. Anecdotally, I get more enquiries from women looking for counselling. Additionally, I occasionally get a call from a mum worried about her son, or a woman concerned for her partner.

It's a good thing that women are more proactive in getting the help they need. If only men could do the same! With suicide being the main cause of death for men under the age of 50 in the UK, I wanted to highlight that part of my practice is dedicated to supporting men's mental health and emotional well-being. If men have an outlet to discuss their feelings earlier, it stands to reason that less men would get to the point where they would feel suicidal. Research shows that early intervention and support for anyone facing mental health issues is often most beneficial.

One of the attitudes I grew up with was something like 'If the car is on the blink you go and get it fixed. But if your on the blink, you man up, don't talk about and don't get yourself fixed'.

I can think of many men who have dedicated years of their life to mastering additional skills, gaining extra qualifications, consistently putting in extra hours at work 'to make life better'. At the same time they may have been living with some very painful experiences, emotions and feelings swept under the carpet and not dealt with. I used to live like that myself. My own experience of counselling changed things for the better. I was enabled to better understand, process and let go of the stuff I had swept under the carpet.

Getting the counselling help you need

Whether you are a woman or a man I'm here to help. I welcome an initial phone enquiry . This first step may put you more at ease about getting the counselling help you need. If I didn't think I could help you, I would look to signpost you onwards.

Counselling is a rare space where all of life's experiences - our relationships, the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, the births and deaths, our health, successes and challenges - can be relevant and be put to good use. In addition to the formal counselling qualifications I have a wealth of life experience - This helps me in a better understanding of life from your perspective.

Counselling services for students

If you are a student and you are looking for a counsellor I offer a student rate. Please note I work with adult clients i.e. 18+ .

Booking an appointment

Daytime and evening appointments available. Please phone or email to book an appointment