Hackathon challenge in Machine Learning & Data Analytics

14-17 March 2024 in Paris, France


What is GreenHack~IT? 

A hackathon on Green AI for Industry 4.0

Application of Artificial Intelligence on Industrial problems under a Green IT perspective

Using of AI to optimise processes in order to make them more sustainable or green

What is a hackathon in machine learning?

A machine learning or a data science hackathon is an event that runs for a consecutive period of time (nights or week-ends), where people get together and work non-stop on data-related projects for practice, recognition, networking and for having fun. Data science hackathons can be challenging to crack for beginners. However, one need not be an expert in the field to participate in one. In fact, competitions or hackathons are a great way to master one’s skills, add badges to one’s resume, find solutions to difficult problems and ultimately, find his/her future job in a  fun way. 

It is about: collaboration, experimentation, agility and serendipity.


ArianeGroup proposes a new challenge!

Ariane6 components are being produced at multiple sites across Europe and shipped to the European Space Port in French Guyana. Logistics within this multinational programme is a complex challenge. In order to master it, ArianeGroup has launched a tracking system for assets called ArianeTracks. With this cutting-edge platform movements of any assets can be tracked. In the consequent next step those recorded data shall be exploited. In this hackathon event it's your turn to convert tracking data into knowledge which helps to make better decisions in order to optimize supply-chain of Europes next generation space launcher Ariane6.

Why you should participate?

   GreenHack~IT endeavors to let final year French and German graduate students (LMD +5) well versed in machine learning and data analytics, unleash their creativity and skill, and challenge themselves through participation in a hackathon, by tackling a significant industrial problem in light of sustainable development objectives that will contribute to ushering the age of Industry 4.0. Relevance in terms of initial and vocational education and/or life-long learning – Although both TUM and IMT students receive high-quality education, nothing replaces hands-on experience on real-life problems, within a time-constrained setting, close to what they would face in their future jobs. This is precisely what GreenHack~IT will provide to students, an opportunity to be better prepared for their future careers but also a type of experience held in high esteem by companies.


For Munich students : The registration deadline for students from Munich (including all Universities in Munich) was now extended till 25th February 2024.
Please register here:

For IMT students, you can send an e-mail to your institute coordinator in order to express your interest to participate.

Students groups

The hackathon will gather 30 French students from all IMT schools and 30 German students from TUM/LMU/... (LMD +5), who will form mixed teams, each mentored by a coach (organizer or graduate student)


All expenses (transport, catering,...) are at the charge of the organizers


Schedule: Thursday 14 - Sunday 17 March 2024

Useful information

Students selection: We reiterated that each partner school would have complete discretion in the selection method for their students. Each school can probably pre-select 6-7 students for IMT and 35 students for TUM, as we will need a few extra to rebalance the numbers adequately in case there are no students from some schools.

Where the hackathon will take place? The Hackathon will be hosted by Telecom Paris

Past editions

GreenHack~IT at Munich 2022 : see communications and photos here and here